Can Fallopian Tubes Repair Themselves?

by Donna Dupont
(Bluffton, SC USA)

Is it true that your body can heat itself and possibly your tubes can reconnect?


Hi Donna.

Your Tubes Cannot Reconnect Naturally After Tubal Ligation

Fallopian tubes are very delicate organs and they can be easily injured. That's why tubal ligation surgery is used to prevent pregnancy.

During this type of procedure, Fallopian tubes are often burned or coagulated to close them. They never just tied or just cut because this would not work very well and the chance of failure would be higher.

After a tubal ligation surgery, your tubes can not reattach, reconnect, regrow on their own unless you have reversal surgery.

Tubes cannot come undone without a surgeon repairing them, but they can heal incompletely. In this case a fistula is formed, which is when the end of the tube heals leaving a very small opening. This small opening is enough to allow a pregnancy.

This is medically considered "tubal failure" after tubal ligation surgery and it is not ideal. In fact, it poses serious consequences like ectopic or tubal pregnancies.

In some rare cases, naturally the body has reversed tubal ligation surgery in this way.

On the other hand, if the fallopian tubes have been damaged by scarring due to pelvic infections, inflammation or endometriosis, they can be repaired naturally with the use of alternative remedies like homeopathic and herbal remedies. This process is successful in cases where the damage is not severe and it takes months to achieve.

Other natural therapies that can be useful in draining and repair scarred fallopian tubes is self fertility massage and Castor oil therapy.

If the fallopian tubes are blocked, natural health can help here, too.

All the best!

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Fertility Question
by: Anonymous

After having a tubal pregnancy and a chemo cleansing several years ago; would I still be able to get pregnant?


I would recommend asking this question to a fertility doctor and maybe have some tests done to assess the risk of having a pregnancy in your specific situation.

I am assuming that you were prescribed methotrexate, which is chemotherapy drug to treat early detection of tubal pregnancy.

In general if your eggs are fine and the other tube is in good working order, you may be able to conceive naturally. Other options are IVF treatments.

After chemotharapy medication, it is very important to wait a few years before TTC because the chemo can have damaged the eggs. This depends on the extent of the therapy, dosage and duration, etc. Your doctor will be able to tell you more details based on your case.

There are many ways naturally to help the body make good quality eggs. Nutrition and life style chances are very important.

Regular cleansing and eating lots of antioxidants and organically grown fruits and vegetables is so important in helping the body.

Many Blessings!

Bilateral Fimbrial blockage
by: Anonymous

I have bilateral fimbrial blockage due to tuberculosis. Friombrie of both tubes are stuck and look like fist.
I have already completed anti tb course.
Due to trouble in conceiving i have already undergone 4 IVF transfers and have failed all.
Can you help me with what homeopathic medicines and what else can i do to naturally unblock my tubes?
Please help!


It is not easy to unblock the fallopian tubes naturally after TB. Homeopathic remedies can certainly help. I would recommend seeing a homeopathic practitioner near you. He or She will be able to select the best remedies for your case.

In general Thiosinaminum 6X, and Silicea 6X are really good remedies that help dissolve scar tissue n the body. Also, homeopathic Tuberculinum 200CH can be often useful in helping the body get over the infection and eliminate any remaining side effects.

Your homeopath will be able to select the guide you in how often to take these remedies, as every person is different. Usually Thiosinaminum and Silicea are taken daily for 4-6 months, while Tuberculinum 200CH is often just given only once or repeated monthly for a couple of months, if necessary.

Other remedies are selected based on you symptoms and you mental and emotional make up.

Other natural therapies that can help are detox and follow the Fallopian Wise Protocol.

This protocol utilizes enzymathic therapy to help the body eliminate fibrin, which is the building block of scar tissue. It also contains herbal remedies that help fight infections and inflammation.
The most important part of this protocol is doing self-fertility massage and Castor oil pack to help increase circulation in the reproductive area and break up adhesions located in and around the reproductive organs, including the fallopian tubes.

Many Blessings!

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