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Can I become pregnant soon?

Am 26 and I was diagnosed with PCOs since 4 years. Now am married(2009 OCT) and suffering from infertility and weight gain. I'm trying to become pregnant since one and half years but in vain. I was under Krimson35 (6 months) and Gynazol (1 month) due to irregular periods(which became irregular only 8 months ago) But I consulted another Physician and am now advised to stop it and perform regular diet and exercise. Is this solution good? Do I have the chances of becoming pregnant? How long will it take? Now I've an option of going for homeopathy treatment. Please advise.I want better result soon.

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Natural Health For Fertility
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Following the fertility diet and performing exercise like yoga for fertility is an excellent way to stimulate healthy fertility naturally.

Homeopathic medicine has tremendous power in helping couples conceive.
The time required to get pregnant using natural health depends on many factors and each case is individual. Consider that each woman needs 4 months of preconception in order to prepare the body to get pregnant.

Here you can learn more on how to deal with PCOS symptoms and fertility.

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