Chances Of Getting Pregnant After Tubal Ligation

At age 27 I did a tubal ligation operation. I got married at age 39 and I'm now 49 and my husband is saying he will very much like to have another child. What are my options and/or any chances of getting pregnant again by tuboplasty or tubal implant?


It is hard for me to be able to answer your question as you are is 49. All really depends on your hormonal levels, ovarian reserves and the result of the tubal ligation reversal procedure.

The chances of becoming pregnant after tubal reversal depend on at least two known factors:

1. Your Age (women over 40 have less than 30% chances of getting pregnant after tubal ligation).

2. The method of tubal ligation used. Talk to your doctor and ask this specific question before deciding to undergo tubal ligation surgery as some types of ligation procedure are not easily reparable.

If tubal ligation reversal is successful and you are ovulating regularly, the monthly probability of becoming pregnant after tubal reversal is approximately 8%.

Most women become pregnant within eight months after tubal reversal, in other it may take longer.

Because of you age, most fertility experts would probably recommend IVF with egg donor.

Many Blessings!

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