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Fertility Energy Assessment

  • Have you been struggling to have a baby?
  • Are you overwhelmed my stress and anxiety of getting pregnant?
  • Are you trying to stay positive but feel very worried?

Did you know that negative emotions from current stress can get trapped in your body contributing to your fertility issues?

Infertility affects as many as 1 out of 15 women. About 6.7 million women in the US alone have an impaired ability to get pregnant and/or carry a baby to term, and 1.5 million are actually considered infertile. Medical treatments can help, but are costly and may have severe side effects. 

  • Learn how the mind-body connection can help make conditions right for the body to become pregnant and carry a healthy child to full term.
  • What causes the female reproductive engine to break down is the energetic disconnection between brain messages and body organs.
  • Problems with infertility are related to your belief system about sex and past traumas.
  • Infertility issues like endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids and unexplained infertility are often connected to suppressed negative emotions emotions.
  • You subconscious mind has all the answers and can point you in the right direction. This is done through muscle testing or energy testing via distance.
  • Discover how to make healthy energy changes that can affect the state of your physical health. This is called energy clearing and it can be done by distance.

Fertility Energy Assessment eMail Report

Evaluation of your Mind-Body's energetic connection by determining how well the energy is flowing through your reproductive organs, glands and body systems.

Immune system functioning, brain and heart communication, meridians & chakras.

It includes energy testing for the presence of trapped emotions, limiting beliefs about getting pregnant, structural imbalances, pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, etc.

It includes the release of trapped emotions and energy imbalances related to infertility.


What Other Women Have To Say...

"I knew that my past history of miscarriage was creating a lot of mental limitation and emotional fear in my body. This session helped me process the trauma of losing a baby in a gentle way. I would recommend this process to everyone who has had a miscarriage" - Angela T.

"I knew that my limiting beliefs were the cause of my insecurity about becoming a mother. I didn't know how my emotions and my body could be so connected. This was a great experience." - Madeline A.

"Maria found trapped emotions in my ovaries and I have PCOS.  Everything made perfect sense. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to get pregnant" - Karen D.

"I have been diagnosed with secondary infertility. I conceived my son within 3 months of actively trying. This time around we have been trying for 4 years. This session revealed that the traumatic experience of my son’s birth was preventing me from getting pregnant again. Thank you Maria!" - Hannah L.

"I have unexplained infertility. I had an abortion many years ago and I have never fully recovered from the emotional trauma. Maria found grief, fear, shame and resentment in my uterus. I feel lifted by a heavy burden. I am so hopeful I will be able to have a baby soon!" - Nicole N.

NOTE: The way this session works is via distance. On the date and time you selected I will be doing your energy assessment. You don't need to be present with me. It all happens via eMail. You can be simply going about your daily tasks. During that time I make an energetic connection with your subconscious mind to ask questions on your behalf. I use the information you submitting in your intake form as a starting point. I ask questions about what imbalances the body is experiencing in relation to conception. Once the assessment and clearing of trapped emotions is completed I record my voice on an mp3 file describing what my findings are and explaining the imbalances I found. At the end of the session I will send you a report via eMail and a link where you can download this audio file. When you receive the assessment you can over the information and email me any questions you might have about what the report is showing. This is an energy assessment and it is not meant to diagnose any condition, but it may reveal important information about what needs to be addressed to help you get pregnant. 

Natural fertility expert and emotion code practitioner, Maria Gioia Atzori explains how the energy of negative emotions can affect your ability to conceive. Learn how you can release your emotional baggage to get pregnant.