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I want to get good yoga classes in order to increase my fertility. I am a male and I also would like to know if there are centers in India.


Men can greatly benefit from yoga practice to increase their fertility because yoga lowers stress levels and helps balance hormone productions like testosterone.

More and more men are subject to infertility problems like low sperm count due to increased stress levels.

Regular Yoga practice helps release stress and most importantly yoga can help regain sexual stamina. Yoga for men also increases circulation to the testis and penis. This is important in the production of healthy sperm and in the ability to maintain longer erections during sex.

Yoga, helps men who have a stressful life style fins a way to calm down and relax. It supports the adrenal glands helping to maintain normal levels of cortisol. High cortisol levels are an indication of high stress levels that can affect testosterone production and consequently your fertility.

The most important yoga poses for men are:

Downward Facing Dog

This pose calms the brain and relieves stress. You will feel energised and if you have back pain, sciatica and sinusitis, this pose will help relieve those symptoms.

Cobra Pose
This pose stimulates abdominal organs, the thyroid gland and firms the buttocks. It also stretches the chest and lungs. It brings blood circulation to all the organs in the body helping release toxins.

Warrior Pose I & II

This pose stretches the shoulders the belly, and the groins.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

This pose increases fertility by awakening the kundalini and by stimulating the liver and the kidney energy. It also improves spine misalignments and digestion.

Extended Triangle Pose

This pose has many benefits. It is used to treat infertility, back pain and sciatica. It also relieves stress anxiety and depression. It stretches the hips, groins and stimulate the abdominal organs improving digestion.

Watch this interesting video about yoga for men:

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Benefits of Yoga for Male Fertility
by: Maria Gioia Atzori, BSc Hons, MS, DSHomMed Hons, DWH Hom

In India Yoga is practiced by many. Click here to find a directory of Yoga centers in India.

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