High Prolactin Levels

by Liza

I had 2 myectomies done 5 years apart .I got married 3 years ago, 1st year no pregnancy I am now 36 and after I had a hormonal profile done which was normal and a check for my tubes, which they said were patent. We did an IUI which failed. We discovered my hubby had a varicocele. He did the operation and after 3 months his seminal profile was perfect I thought I would get pregnant in no time. When I tried for 4 months and took clomid and pregnyl to no avail. I thought I should check my hormones again surprise my prolactin level was 25 the old result was 12. Can it be the reason why I am not able to get pregnant?


Hi Liza,

High prolactin levels can be one of the reasons why you are having difficulty getting pregnant because when the levels of prolactin are high ovulation can be impaired or even inhibited.

The herbal remedy Vitex agnus castus has been studied for its ability to regulate sex hormones and decrease high FSH levels and high prolactin levels in women with poor fertility.

Another possible reason is poor cervical mucus. If you have been taking fertility drugs like Clomid, your fertile cervical mucus can be low and this can prevent or impair your ability to conceive.

If you are taking fertility drugs you can use pre-seed lubricant during intercourse in order to help you conceive.

If you have vaginal dryness and need to use a lubricant, pre-seed is the only sperm-friendly lubricant specifically designed for couples that are trying-to-conceive. It matches the qualities of your fertile cervical mucus so it facilitates conception.

If you are not taking any fertility drugs, you can consider using a natural fertility supplement like FertilAid for women that contains important fertility vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies like Vitex to help balance your hormones and support ovulation in conjunction with FertileCM to help your body produce fertile cervical mucus naturally. FertileCM's natural nutrients also support healthy embryo implantation decreasing the risk of miscarriage.

Please note that when on fertility drugs like Clomid you cannot take herbal products including Vitex.

Fertility Blessings!

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