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Maca and Cyclogest

by Louise
(London, UK)

Can you take Maca and Cyclogest progesterone when pregnant?

whilst TTC I have been taking Maca. I am now pregnant - 6/7 weeks and have been taking Cyclogest. Do I continue with the Maca or slowly stop taking this?


Hi Louise,

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Maca stimulates the graffian folicles, therefore it can increase fertility. That's why maca is considered a fertility food.

Maca has no known side effects is non toxic.

It should be safe to take while pregnant because it does not have hormonal action on the body, but most holistic practitioners recommend stopping taking maca once you know you are pregnant because there are no studies done on the use of maca during pregnancy.

There have been studies with animals however, which indicate maca increases birth weights and the size of litters. Maca has been used for thousands of years by the peoples of Peru, and they eat it daily, even during pregnancy.

To stop taking maca you do not have to stop slowly, you can just stop as this will not have any effect on you progesterone levels especially if you are taking Cyclogest.

Cyclogest is natural progesterone and does not interact with maca. Progesterone supports the second phase of the menstrual cycle, preventing miscarriage and it is used in women who are going though IVF, IUI or have a short luteal phase.

The only think about maca is that this tuberous is really high in important nutrients like iron, manganese, magnesium, minerals, vitamins, protein, fibers, etc.

So, once you stop maca make sure to take a very good 100% whole food prenatal multivitamin during your pregnancy to maintain the same level of nutrients in your body to support your pregnancy.

Many Blessings!

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