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I have been struggling for year with blocked fallopian tubes, I have bought and used 2 packs of kit I bought for unblocking fallopian tubes yet it did not work for me, thou I have not tried massage with castor oil or any oral herb. What do you suggest I should do?


I suggest that you do follow the complete The FallopianWise Fertility Kit program for 4 months minimum.

The length of the treatment required depends on the extent of the blockage, the location of the blockage and the cause of the blockage. Of course, I cannot guarantee that it will work for you, but you need to follow the entire protocol consistently if you want to see results.

You may want to start with 1-2 months of fertility cleanse before doing the kit as toxicity aggravates blocked fallopian tubes.

In fact, studies have shown how women with blocked tubes due to fluid buildup (hydrosalpinx) have toxic fluid buildup in the hydrosalpinx that may cause damage to the embryo during embryo transfer (J In Vitro Fert Embryo Transfer 1991;8:157–9.).

This is one of the reason the fertility cleanse is recommended before doing the Fallopian Wise Kit.

Also, toxins, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens if not eliminated may cause more infection and pelvic inflammation. One of the principal causes of blocked fallopian tubes is scar tissue build up caused by pelvic inflammation and pelvic infections, especially gonorrhea and chlamydia. These pathogens often give no symptoms, but cause a lot of damaged if the infections remain untreated.

The fertility cleanse will support the cleansing of the uterus as well as the liver. If during your menstrual cycle your uterus does not completely empty its full contents, stagnant blood may remain and build up toxic tissue and debris.

Congestion of toxic blood in the pelvic cavity increases the risk of infertility related conditions like blocked fallopian tubes.

Congestion of the pelvic cavity is also improved by doing manual physical therapy like self-fertility massage, which is part of the FallopianWise Fertility Kit. It is important to do self-fertility massage with castor oil packs as castor oil helps detox the tissue and break down scar tissue and endometriosis.

These techniques can be very useful if done regularly and consistently. This type of physical therapy is very promising in the helping clear blocked tubes (Fertil Steril. 2006; 86 (Supp 2): S307).

Because one of the major causes of blocked tubes is the formation of scar tissue either due to endometriosis and PID, it is important to help the body break down and eliminate this scar tissue build-up not only with manual therapy but also with the help of supplements and herbs.

The best supplement I know that can help with blocked fallopian tubes caused by scarring and inflammation is Webenzym N, also included in the kit. This supplement contains a combination of specific enzymes the dissolve scar tissue, decrease inflammation and boost immune response.

When enzyme therapy is added to herbal remedies the healing action is greater.

The FallopianWise Fertility Kit contains Women’s Best Friend Herbal Formula, which is an herbal preparation designed to take the pain and swelling caused by endometriosis which is often associated with blocked fallopian tubes. The herbs also increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs, support the immune response, decrease inflammation, stimulate the removal of toxins and balance the hormones.

In conclusion, I would say to follow the entire process for at least 4 months in a row and consistently. I really hope that at that point you will see results.

If the blockage is cause by bacterial infections and fluid build-up doing herbal tampons and herbal douching may be necessary. Find more information on this remedies here.

Fertility Blessings!

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blocked fallopian tubes
by: Freda

Where and how do I get the fallopian wise kit?


Hi Freda,

The FallopianWise Kit is available online at this location here.

Many Blessings!

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