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30 years old and low AMH

by Joi

Hello, I am 30 years old, have 1 child that is 5 years old. I'm married and my husband and I have been trying to have another baby for 1 year with no success. Let me give you some background, my husband is 48 years old but has 4 children by 3 other women other than myself which makes his total of children 5. I have been pregnant 5 times, I had 1 elective abortion and miscarriage as a teenager, I had 2 miscarriages with my husband and then my son with the help of progesterone suppositories. My pregnancy went to 35.5 weeks and my son was fine 5lbs 1oz. After that I got on birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancies until I was ready for another.

I forgot to mention that after the 2 teen pregnancies I was on birth control pills from 16-22 years old. Now the current situation I stopped birth control pills 1 year ago so I could get pregnant again, we have been trying for 1.5 years now and no pregnancies at all not even 1 miscarriage.

My periods come every month but not in a regular pattern, they come anywhere from every 25-30 days, I ovulate based on positive OPK's every 12.5-5 days, and I menstruate for 5-7 days. Now since I was not getting pregnant I went to my OBGYN and she drew a day 3 FSH and got 10.5, with the estradiol and progesterone being normal. She told me 10.5 for my age was a little troubling so have an AMH drawn which I did.

Those results show 0.60. She wants to refer me to a fertility physician but she and I are confused about me having positive OPK's and a period every month. What is wrong? In March I had a period at the 32nd day and in April on the 21st day, this was a first so it has me even more concerned. My main question can my husband and I still get pregnant naturally without using donor eggs, and am I still ovulating since I am having periods monthly? Never missed a month. I realize I may have to use some fertility drugs to stimulate my eggs release, I don't mind that but I don't want to have to use donor eggs or surrogates. I am 30 years old and I know my husband is very fertile. Please Help, Sincerely, Want a 2nd baby.


Hi Joi,

The fact that you have been on birth control pill for so many years can be the cause of your hormonal imbalance. But this is only temporary as at 30 you can still balance your hormones naturally naturally with herbal remedies, vitamins and fertility foods.

I honestly would encourage a natural approach before resorting to fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries as these drugs have serious side effects on your overall health and your future fertility.

The fact that your FSH is 10 and you have low AMH indicates that your ovaries are
lazy and need stimulation to resume normal function. Stimulation should be gentle and as natural as possible not to offset this delicate balance.

Often strong stimulation by fertility drugs like Clomid can cause further imbalance putting in a permanent state of ovarian shut down. In younger women, who are not close to menopause, ovarian reserves decrease not because they are not capable of making eggs, but because the ovary fails to respond to the hormonal signals from the hypothalamus an dpituitary gland in the brain.

Having, a regular cycle does not necessarily indicate that you are ovulating. You can still have you period even if you do not ovulate because the menstrual period is triggered by estrogen sudden drop.

Also OPK are not the best tool to detect ovulation in some cases. OPK measure LH hormone in your body. This hormone is always present, even if it is in low amounts. What you are looking for is the surge of LH and this is hard to notice in some women with poor hormonal balance. So, you may have a false positive OPK.

Ask your doctor what value of LH you have. This is very important as if is higher that FSH, it can indicate PCOS and that could be the reason why you are having a positive OPK. If it is lower that FSH it can indicate poor ovarian reserves. Both cases have very similar symptoms, with anovulatory cycles and irregular cycles.

You can ovulate even with high FSH and low AMH, but not each month. This can be very frustrating when you want to get pregnant. To know if you ovulate, I would recommend regular basal body temperature charting.

Learn more about charting your fertility here.

You can still get pregnant naturally even with low ovarian reserves because you are only 30. If you were closer to menopause this would be different. You are actually in a perimenopause state. The perimenopause syndrome is affecting more and more women in their thirties and early forties due to hormonal imbalance caused by long term use of birth control pill, lack of important nutrients in the diet that support ovarian health, toxicity, estrogen dominance, stress, poor dietary choices, etc.

In my opinion these women can still try to conceive naturally with a little bit of help from natural health therapies.

The first step is to eliminate toxins, especially excess estrogen by following The Fertility Cleanse Kit for 1-2 months.

The second step is to follow The Improve Egg Health Kit protocol for 4 months in order to support the body in making healthy egg again.

To balance the hormones and support regular ovulation cycle, Vitex agnus castus can be very helpful.

Consider that a natural approach takes time. In fact Vitex will begin giving results within the first 4-6 and can be taken safely for long periods of time up to 18 month continuously.

The good news is that the results are usually long-lasting and hormonal balance can be restored permanently this way.

Fertility Blessings!

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