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Abnormal Sperm Morphology & Toxicity
February 08, 2012

Abnormal Sperm Morphology And Male Infertility

Abnormal sperm morphology is increasing among infertile couples. This is mainly due to increasing toxic exposure due to environmental pollution and life style habits.

If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, consider this fact:

"Healthy sperm is 50% of the picture in couples’ ability to conceive a healthy baby."

Abnormal sperm morphology is often caused by sperm carrying a defective DNA molecule that leads to increased risk of gene mutation and chromosomal abnormalities. These factors put you at risk of miscarriage or having a baby with a genetic disease or chromosomal disorder.

"In a study conducted by University of North Carolina School of Public Health, it was assessed that disinfection by-products (DBP) exposure correlates to testicular toxicity, as evidenced by altered semen quality."(Environ Health Perspect. 2007 August; 115(8): 1169-1176)

In regards to sperm morphology this study reported that "the higher exposures also had higher percentages of abnormal sperm cells, which was statistically significant."

According to biological studies, it takes 65-74 days for the male reproductive organs to produce sperm that is mature and viable to get a woman pregnant.

This information is very important because it explains why men who have been exposed to chemicals two to three months prior to conception are at greater risk of fathering a child with a health disorder.

Sperm cells that are defective and weak may cause increased risk of problems during pregnancy and in the newborn baby.

"An elevated level of abnormal sperm is an indication of the mutagenic potency of the test chemical. When treated with a mutagen during spermatogenesis, mice show increased frequency of abnormally shaped sperm heads." (Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, 38:393-398, 1993)

Abnormal sperm morphology is also caused by:

Underlying causes like infections, varicocele, smoking, and lack of important nutrients like zinc, Vitamin C, vitamin B12, folate, and L-Carnitine in a man’s diet.

Natural health can help improve abnormal sperm morphology in many ways. These therapies can also be used by couples who want to ensure a healthy conception and baby:

1. Avoid chemicals in your life, especially pesticides and herbicides.

2. Follow a fertility cleanse for men and women before trying to conceive to avoid damaged sperm and eggs caused by toxins in your body.

Learn more about fertility cleansing.

3. If the male partner has poor sperm quality or was a smoker, supplement with fertility enhancing nutrient like Maca, Tribulus, Anti-oxidants, Zinc, L-carnitine, Vitamin B12, Folate, and Vitamin C.

Learn more about treating abnormal sperm morphology naturally.

Don’t forget that sperm health is as important as female fertility when it comes to conceiving a healthy baby.

Even if the male partner does not necessary have been diagnosed with infertility, it’s worth doing all the necessary steps to ensure optimum sperm health.

Fertility Blessings!

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