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Pelvic Pain and Inflammation Linked to Endometriosis
March 06, 2012

Alternative Treatments for Endometriosis And Pelvic Inflammation

Endometriosis is believed to be the main cause of pelvic inflammation and pain in women during the reproductive years. Many women have the symptoms of endometriosis, but are diagnose only when go for infertility testing. I honestly believe that endometriosis is the most underdiagnosed condition in women these days. Most of its symptoms are mild and are easily confused with other menstrual conditions, but in many cases endometriosis could be the underlining cause.

Did you know that common menstrual symptoms like cramping during periods and severe PMS can indicate endometriosis?

If you are trying to conceive and have endometriosis you will have a hard time getting pregnant because endometriosis may prevent embryo implantation and put you at higher risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.

Also, women with endometriosis have hormonal imbalance causing infertility like high prolactin levels that inhibits ovulation and short luteal phase that increases miscarriages.

“Luteal insufficiency and altered prolactin secretion were associated with endometriosis, and could be important mechanisms causing infertility in this group of patients.” (Horm. Metab. Res. 33(4): 216-220, 2001)

Endometriosis is the spreading of endometrial tissue outside of the uterus causing inflammation, scar tissue damage and pain. When the endometrial implants are found on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and cervix they form adhesions and may even cause misplacement and twisting of these organs preventing conception.

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, you may have undiagnosed endometriosis, so make sure to talk to your doctor for proper assessment:

1. Severe cramps during periods

2. Lower back pain before and during periods

3. Pain during urination and bowel movement

4. PMS with abdominal bloating

5. Pain during intercourse

6. Irregular periods

7. Clots and dark blood flow during periods

8. Periods that last longer than 5 days

9. Period that stops for 24 hours and then resumes

10. Fatigue and anemia

11. Severe mood swings and irritability

12. Spotting between periods

13. Ovarian pain during ovulation

Endometriosis is treated conventionally through painkillers and birth control pill (synthetic hormones). The problem with this type of treatment is that it can cause side effects and does not solve the problem at the source.

The real cause of endometriosis is excess estrogen and a weak immune system.

“Evidence continues to accumulate indicating that environmental toxins, whether naturally occurring or man-made, may directly (hormone disruptor) or indirectly (immune toxin) affect the response of the endometrium to steroids, resulting in various pathological states including endometriosis.” (Semin. Reprod. Med. 15(3): 301-308, 1997)

Excess estrogen in the body comes from living in a polluted world where xenostrogen mimic the action of natural estrogen in the body and over stimulates endometrial tissue that responds to estrogen stimulation and begins to grow and migrates to other areas of the pelvic cavity as a result.

A weakened immune system cannot properly destroy the migrating endometrial implants and keep them under control.

Endometriosis is not always diagnosed by routine check-ups as it is detected through high frequency ultrasound or MRI confirmed by laparoscopy surgery.

How To Prevent and Treat Endometriosis Naturally

It is possible to treat and prevent endometriosis from spreading by a combination of dietary, life style changes in association with complementary treatments that tackle the underlining cause of endometriosis.

There are powerful natural therapies for endometriosis. If you have endometriosis or want to prevent developing endometriosis, I recommend the EndoWise Fertility Kit.

This special kit has been formulated to:

1. Help the body eliminate excess estrogen effectively

2. Counteract the negative effects of excess estrogen

3. Establish regular hormonal balance

4. Ease the pain of endometriosis

5. Reduce and treat pelvic inflammation

6. Address scar tissue and adhesions damage caused by endometriosis

The EndoWise Fertility Kit contains the following natural therapies:

Natural Progesterone Cream

This form of natural therapy to treat endometriosis has been used successfully with thousands of women by DR. Lee. If you have endometriosis, Dr. Lee recommends applying very low doses of natural progesterone cream on your skin from days 8 to 26 of your cycle. This supresses ovulation and counteracts the effects of estrogen, which stimulates endometrial growth.

It is best to use natural progesterone cream for 1-2 months before trying to conceive and under supervision of a health care practitioner.

Recent studies done on the use of natural progesterone cream are controversial and some sources do not recommend long term use and high dosages. Do not exceed 20 mg (1/4 teaspoon) of USP (standard) natural progesterone per day and only apply it once a day before bed time.

Natural progesterone cream is stored in the fat cells of the body for long period of time, so short term and low amounts should be sufficient.

The quality of the natural progesterone cream is extremely important as some brands contain xenoestrogen chemicals.

The best type of progesterone cream is that which contains natural substances that facilitate the body’s ability of utilize progesterone.


DIM (diindolylmethane) is a compound extracted from cruciferous vegetable, like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. DIM has been studied for its ability to break down excess estrogen and balance the hormones.

DIM promotes proper estrogen metabolism.

DIM in women has been shown to reduce risk status for breast cancer and cause the regression and disappearance of advanced cervical dysplasia. (Baker, B., "Pilot Study: Cruciferous Veggies may induce cervical dysplasia regression." Ob. Gyn. News, 1999).

Other studied benefits of DIM are:

1. Improve premenstrual breast pain

2. Eliminate of breast cysts

3. Improve symptoms of PMS

4. Improve endometrial and cervical health

5. Reduce menstrual pain

6. Reduce perimenopause symptoms

Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme therapy helps to dissolve endometrial tissue growing outside of the uterus by removing fibrin buildup. Enzymatic therapy uses specific enzymes that help the body reduce scar tissue, inflammation and excess migratory endometrial cells.

Enzymatic therapy has been studied for its ability to stimulate immune function. When the endometrial tissue migrates outside of the uterus, the immune system attacks it and the result is increase inflammation and lesions to the tissue with scarring formation. This causes adhesions to form which cause pain.

Adhesions between pelvic organs including the bowels cause twisting of the fallopian tubes or ovaries and cervix and uterus misplacement.

For women with endometriosis it is important to use enzymatic therapy three months prior to trying conceiving to make sure all the tissue has been completely cleared.

I am a regular user of enzymatic therapy to maintain health and prevent disease. I really like Wobenzym N. It is the most clinically studies with impressive results results.

Pharmacological effects of Wobenzym containing protease are:

1. Anti-inflammatory (decreases inflammation)

2. Fibro-lytic (destroys fibrin accumulation in tissues)

3. Immune-normalizing (boosts immune response by increasing macrophage and natural killer cells activity).

4. Analgesic (natural pain killer)

The trick is to make sure to take it 30-45 minutes before eating on an empty stomach and only with water. It can be taken 2 hours after eating. It should not be taken with warm to hot liquid such as coffee or tea because this destroys the enteric coating.

Also, taking the tablets with milk may disturb the absorption of enzymes within the small intestine. Do not take it if you are on blood thinners, or other prescription medication.

If you have to go through surgery for endometriosis or other, discontinue two weeks prior to surgery.

Herbal Therapy: Women’s Best Friend

Women's Best Friend is a combination of herbal remedies proven to reduce endometriosis pain and speed up healing of inflammation. These herbs have many functions:

1. Reduce inflammation

2. Support the immune system

3. Cleanse the uterus

4. Support the liver

5. Reduce excess estrogen

6. Increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs

7. Maintain healthy estrogen balance

The reason why these herbs are very useful in the natural treatment of endometriosis is that they work with the body’s natural cleansing processes to eliminate congested endometrial tissues within the uterus preventing overgrowth and endometrial tissue from spreading.

This remedy should not be taken in conjunction with fertility drugs.

If you are looking for a natural approach to endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory symptoms, I urge you to use the EndoWise Fertility Kit 2-3 months before trying to conceive to increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility Blessings!

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