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Fertile Cervical Mucus And Ovulation
January 11, 2012

Fertile Cervical Mucus And Ovulation Timing

Cervical mucus plays an important role in conception and fertility.

Your cervical mucus constantly changes throughout your cycle. Before ovulation, your cervical mucus is white, scanty, cloudy and sticky. As ovulation approaches, the cervix produces increased amount of clear and stretchy mucus, giving you the typical wet feeling indicating peak fertility the day before the egg is released.

If you do not produce enough fertile cervical mucus during ovulation, your ability to get pregnant is very low. Lacking fertile mucus can make you infertile even if you have regular periods!

Fertile cervical mucus is needed by the body to help facilitate transport of sperm through the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes where the egg is fertilized.

Without fertile cervical mucus, it becomes very hard for sperm to reach the egg. Also, fertile cervical mucus keeps the sperm alive longer in your reproductive tract, increasing your chances of conception each month.

The key to conception timing is to have sex one or two days before the egg is release at ovulation. If you have lots of fertile cervical mucus, the sperm will stay alive until ovulation occurs.

The sperm can be alive and healthy for 3-5 days within your reproductive tract, as long as you have fertile cervical mucus. If you don't, the acidic contents of the vagina will destroy the sperm preventing fertilization.

Identify Your Peak Fertility

Your peak day is when you are most fertile and it is the last day that you produce fertile cervical mucus that looks like egg white. This occurs the day before the egg is released by the ovary.

So, how do you time intercourse?

Your cervical mucus starts out dry after menstruation. Then it gets sticky, then creamy, then wet and watery, becoming like egg white as you get closer to ovulation. This is a sign that your body is most fertile. Having intercourse now will increase your chances of pregnancy. When you detect fertile cervical mucus you know you are about to ovulate. Have sex on the first day your detect egg white stretchy, wet, clear cervical mucus. Continue having sex each day until the cervical mucus turn to dry and sticky.

Increasing Your Fertile Cervical Mucus

Follow these steps to increase your fertile mucus production:

1. Improve Your Diet

Making specific dietary changes will help your body improve the quality and quantity of your fertile cervical mucus during ovulation. Read How To Increase Fertile Mucus Naturally

2. Take FertileCM Supplement

Supplementing your diet with a natural dietary nutritional product called FertileCM will help you increase the quality and quantity of your fertile cervical mucus naturally. FertileCM is effective and will not interact with Clomid or any kind of fertility drug.

Learn More About FertileCM

3. Use Pre-Seed Sperm Friendly Lubricant

If you normally need to use lubricants during sex, make sure to use a sperm friendly kind. PreSeed is the most popular sperm friendly lubricant that mimics fertile cervical mucus. Developed by Dr. Joanna Ellington PreSeed helps to nourish the sperm and facilitates the sperm ability to reach the egg.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine designates PreSeed as a lubricant of choice for trying to conceive couples in the Society's Optimizing Natural Fertility guidelines (Fertility & Sterility 2008; 90: S1-S6).

If you are taking fertility medicines to stimulate ovulation, like Clomid, you may suffer from poor quality and quantity of fertile cervical mucus (this is a typical side effect of Clomid not every woman may know about). Using PreSeed will help you conceive faster.

Learn More About Pre-Seed

Fertility Blessings!

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