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Natural Health for Fertility Newsletter, Issue #012 Is Bach Flower Therapy Right for You?
May 02, 2010

Is Bach Flower Therapy Right for You?

Bach Flower Therapy is a branch of Homeopathic Medicine and it is offers a safe way to help those who need additional mental and emotional support when going through difficult times in their life like conception, pregnancy, postpartum and child development.

I am a Homeopathic Medicine Practitioner and Bach Flower practitioner and I can see the benefits that Bach Flower Therapy has on adults and children each day.

Bach Flower Therapy can assist women and men who are trying to conceive because it helps them release the negative emotions associated with fertility issues.

If you have physical problems that you are trying to overcome, Bach Flower Therapy will support you along your healing journey. Bach Remedies are safe and non-toxic and can be used to complement any fertility treatment. Many women who chose IVF find great help from Bach Flower Remedies as they find themselves more relaxed, positive about the outcome and less likely to lose confidence in themselves. Bach Flower Remedies do more than just give people a positive attitude, they assist people regain their lost emotional energy.

When you suffer from setbacks, stressful events, and trauma in your life, you lose energy. Negative events literally create energy holes that drain your energy stores. Some of you may be aware of this and feel this is already happening. If you feel tired and discouraged all the time, you are loosing precious energy your body needs to conceive.

I can see how many of my clients suffer emotional imbalances that manifest themselves physically. For example, women who have stressful and demanding jobs feel like they have no energies left to create a new life. Bach Flower Therapy helps them regain a positive outlook at their life situation and gives them a tool to release and let go of negative and stressful emotions that are at the root of inability to conceive.

I can also see that a physical complaint causes a negative and discouraged attitude toward fertility that hinders healing even further. That's why everyone that is going through fertility related problems like endometriosis, fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes, hormonal imbalances, low sperm count, will benefit from Bach Flower Remedies because how one's feels about a problem will influence the outcome.

Stop for a moment and think about how you talk to your body every day. Stop and listen to your internal thoughts.

Do you have any thoughts of discouragement?

Do you tell yourself that you are never going to get better?

Do you feel overwhelmed by what you are going through?

Do you feel confused about what you should do?

Are you constantly worried about never be able to conceive?

Do you get jealous at other women who are already pregnant?

Do you blame yourself or your partner for your inability to conceive?

Do you cry and feel depressed often about getting pregnant?

Do you feel impatient and nervous when your period is about to come?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions your mind is creating negative emotions that can affect your ability to conceive. Bach Flower remedies, when properly selected, have the power to help you release your fears and negative feelings in a natural and safe way.

Bach Flower Remedies should be selected based on each person unique needs to be effective. They literally give you a new way to face your challenges by infusing your body and mind with life force energy that has great healing properties.

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