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Natural Health for Fertility E-zine, Issue #015
September 10, 2010

Maximize Conception With This Techniques

Welcome to Natural Health for Fertility Ezine!

This issue of my Ezine will introduce the importance timing intercourse in order to achieve conception.

Are You Doing It Right? 15 Important Principles of Having Sex for Conception

Many couples I talk to think that they cannot conceive because they are infertile, when all along they are not timing sex at the right time or are not doing it right. Let's review the principles of having sex to maximize conception:

1. Make sure to correctly anticipate your date of ovulation using fertility charting.

2. Learn to recognize egg white cervical mucus as close as possible to ovulation.

3. Use an ovulation kit not alone but in conjunction with basal body temperature charting.

4. Make sure to stay flat on your back for 20 minutes after sex, especially if the male partner has low sperm count.

5. Do not douche because douching alters the pH of your vagina and may create an environment hostile to sperm.

6. Increase your fertile mucus with a healthy diet or by taking important dietary supplements.

7. The male partner should ejaculate every 2-3 days all month.

8. Use the missionary position so the sperm have to travel less.

9. Avoid oral sex because saliva kill sperm.

10. Avoid having sex to early before ovulation because the sperm starts to degrade. A three day old sperm may be too old and start to become potentially defective.

11. Make sure to have lots of cervical mucus that is the egg-white type to support healthy sperm.

12. Avoid sex just after ovulation. The egg is viable for only 12 hours, after which it starts to deteriorate.

13. Have sex frequently during your peak fertile window but not the morning your temperature shift occurs. If the egg is still around, it could be too old.

14. Build up sperm count before conception by practicing abstinence and not ejaculation 3-5 days before conception.

15. Start having sex when you have egg-white cervical mucus, do not have sex when your mucus is sickly or creamy.

If you are looking for an excellent natural way to chart your cycle and know 5-7 days in advance with 98.3% accuracy when you are about to ovulate, I recommend purchasing Ovacue Fertility Monitor.

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