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Natural Health for Fertility E-zine, Issue #021
March 04, 2011

Excess Estrogen and Ovarian Cyst Formation

This issue of my Ezine will discuss the negative effects of xenoestrogen and excess estrogen hormone levels and the formation of ovarian cysts. Many women experience the formation of functional cysts on their ovaries that causes infertility, abnormal ovary, decreased ovulation and PCOS. All these conditions have a common cause: xenostrogen compounds found in your water, in your food and in your environment. When xenostrogen find their way into your body the cause a condition called estrogen dominance, where the hormonal levels of estrogen are so elevated that progesterone levels become so low that ovulation is delayed or impaired.

Ovarian cysts form when ovulation does not occur due to poor progesterone production or PCOS and the follicle continues to growth. The development and growth of ovarian cysts is most likely related xenoestrogens.

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What Are Xenoestrogen? Xenoestrogen are chemical compounds that mimic the action or natural estrogen and bind to estrogen receptor sites, in specific tissues, and prevent the natural estrogen bind to these sites. The result is increase excess estrogen levels in the blood.

One of the most famous Xenoestrogen is DDE, which is a metabolite of DDT. Did you know that it can persist in your body for years? DDT binds to estrogen receptor sites in your body tissues, disruption hormonal regulation. Even DDT was banned in North America and Europe, it is still produced in countries like the US and shipped to third world countries where it is used on vegetables and fruits which are imported from these county back into North America. Also, DDT will stay in the soil for hundreds of years and if the soil is contaminated, any crop grown on it will absorb it.

Many of the newly discovered xenoestrogens are found in your everyday life like plastic, spemicides, detergents, and personal care products. The first time researches discovered that plastic containers manufactured by using p-nonyphenol are responsible for stimulating the growth of tissues sensitive to the action of estrogen. In 1987, it was discovered by accident that plastic test tubes contained a chemical that causes the proliferation of breast cancer cells that were sensitive to estrogen. This chemical was p-nonyphenol. From that point on, an increasing number of chemical compounds that were previously thought to be inert are now classified as xenoestrogens. The interested aspect of this, is that many chemicals present in your cosmetics, creams, detergents, and pesticides, when they break down they give off nonylphenol.

Another famous xenoestrogen is Bisphenol-A present in drinking bottles, which release this compound when exposed to high temperatures. Again, this compound causes the proliferation of estrogen responsive breast cancer cells. Also, when you warm up your food using a microwave oven, you are increasing your exposure to this cancer causing agent. Bisphenol-A is also, present in canned food as it is used in the plastic lining of the can.

Did you know that commercially raised livestock are given xenoestrogens to fatten them up? This is why it is important to only eat drug-free meats.

Another problem is caused by the usage of birth control pill that contains synthetic estrogen and progestin. If you have been on birth control pill and it is taking you a long time to regulate your cycle and get pregnant, guess what? It takes over a year to your body to release these synthetic hormones. Also, do not use condoms that contain spermicidal agent like nonoxynol-9 as this is gives of nonylphenol, a powerful xenoetrogen, which can inversely affect both female and male fertility.

Another class of xenoestrogen is parabens used as preservatives in cosmetics. They mimic estrogen and are dangerous. When buying your cosmetics read your labels. I recommend the following Natural Cosmetics

My best advice to you is to follow these guidelines and try to avoid Xenoestrogen as much as possible. If you are suffering from fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis or ovarian cyst, or unexplained fertility, you really need to change your diet and life style.

1. Drink filtered water from glass or ceramics. 2. Heat up your food on the stove, but if you have to use a microwave oven, use a glass or ceramic container. 3. Use natural detergents, no dryer sheets and no fabric softener. 4. Use shampoos that are made only from natural ingredients. 5. Do no spry your lawn. 6. Eat organ meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables. 7. Do a fertility cleanse before trying to conceive.

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