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Natural Health for Fertility E-zine, Issue #023
May 23, 2011

Healthy Fallopian Tubes For Conception

In this edition of my Ezine, I want to talk about natural ways to unblock blocked Fallopian tubes and what you can do in order to make sure your Fallopian tubes are healthy before trying to conceive.

The health of your Fallopian tubes is vital in order to achieve conception, many women are not even aware that conception can be impaired when the Fallopian tubes are not healthy. Your tubes are very delicate and can become obstructed easily. They are made of smooth muscle tissue and are lined with tiny hair-like projection, called cilia, whose job is to move the fertilized egg in one direction toward the uterus. On the surface there is thin mucus that works as lubricant and keeps these organs healthy and clear of debris.

The Fallopian tubes can become blocked as a result of pelvic inflammation, infections, scarring and adhesions.

The following are conditions that can affect the Fallopian tubes and that every woman who is trying to conceive should be aware of:


Acute inflammation of the Fallopian Tubes is called Salpingitis and is manifested with the following symptoms:

1. Nausea

2. Fever

3. Abdominal pain

4. Vomiting

5. Lower back pain

If you experience any of these symptoms, make sure to talk to your doctor.


This condition is the problem of many infertility cases as it can cause blockage of the tubes. The Fallopian tube becomes filled with a clear fluid. The primary reason women develop a hydrosalpinx is pelvic inflammatory disease, but it is also due to bacteria, endometriosis, or damage from previous surgery. Most women with a hydrosalpinx don’t know they have it because they may not experience any symptoms.


This condition manifests when the Fallopian tube becomes filled with pus. Sometimes this mucus becomes thick as it tries to clear the Fallopian tubes from bacteria and infectious agents.


Hematosalpinx, instead is caused by blood that fills up inside the tube. This is often the result of scarring, ectopic pregnancy, etc.


Adhesions are common reasons for blocked Fallopian tubes preventing conception. Adhesions form when tissues become connected by bands of fibrous tissue. This causes the fallopian tubes to be closed, twisted, and misplaced from their original location. The blocked tube may become substantially distended giving the tube a characteristic sausage-like shape. The major cause of this is endometrial tissue that migrates to the Fallopian tubes. Other causes are injury, surgery, PID, or scarring after inflammation.

Whatever the cause of blockage is, it is very important to learn ways to unblock the fallopian tubes, or better to utilized natural health methods to keep them healthy all the time. To learn more about this topic read my article Treating Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally.

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