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10 Natural Solutions To Raised FSH
August 03, 2011

Do You Have High FSH Levels And Poor Ovarian Reserve?

FSH (Follicles Stimulating Hormone) fluctuate during a woman's monthly cycle. This hormone is released by the pituitary gland to encourage the egg to ripen and mature. FSH levels are tested by fertility specialists because they give a very good indication about the state of the ovarian reserve.

If FSH levels are raised they may indicate increased stress levels and in women over 35, high FSH levels may be indicative of perimenopause. This does not mean that they cannot get pregnant, it simply means that they need help to support healthy ovulation. High levels of FSH also indicate poor egg quality and that a woman may not be able to ovulate regularly each month.

For menstruating women, the normal FSH levels during the follicular or luteal phase should range between 5 and 20 IU/L (international units per liter.) Right before ovulation during the mid-cycle peak, FSH levels should be between 30 and 50 IU/L. If a woman is post-menopausal, her FSH levels will be naturally higher, at 50 IU/L or more.

If you have been diagnosed with high FSH here is what you can do naturally:

1. Exercise regularly. I recommend doing fertility yoga.

2. Try to lose weight if you are overweight.

3. Practice meditation and deep breathing techniques regularly.

4. Put yourself on a detox program.

5. Take Maca supplement known to balance hormones increase progesterone naturally and support ovulation.

6. Take vitamin B6 and zinc to support hormonal balance.

7. Take essential fatty acids like evening primrose oil.

8. Eat lots of legumes, garlic and onions because they help the breakdown of excess estrogen by the liver. Cabbage vegetables help the liver convert estrogen into a water soluble compound that can be easily excreted by the body.

9. Eat food containing phytoestrogens. These are oats, alfalfa sprouts, Brussels sprouts, legumes, flaxseed, cabbage, and garbanzo beans. The plant natural estrogens bind to the estrogen receptors preventing harmful xeno-estrogen to bind instead.

10. Go to sleep early no later than 9 PM can make a huge difference in your hormonal balance because produces and regulates hormones during sleep.

Vitex Helps Decrease High FSH and High Prolactin Levles

Vitex agnus castus is the herb "par excellence" known to help lower high levels of FSH. Vitex works by acting on the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, which are responsible for regulating the reproductive system. Vitex has been shown to regulate pituitary activity and promote the balance of estrogen and progesterone levels by stimulating LH and decreasing FSH. Vitex has been shown to be particularly effective for disorders connected with hormonal imbalance, corpus luteum insufficiency, PCOS, anovulatory cycles, early menopause, endometriosis, poor ovarian response. Vitex is also helpful in women with PCOS who also tend to have high prolactin levels. Vitex has been shown clinically to support progesterone production and suppress prolactin.

Vitex is also recognized as a safe herb and it has been used for hundreds of years to regulate the female reproductive cycle and can be taken for long periods to time. The benefits of Vitex will increase over time, and maximum benefits are typically achieved after a few months of use.

But make sure not to take Vitex if you are on fertility drugs of any kind including Clomid.

Also, as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test slowly decrease Vitex and stop its usage within a week. Vitex works either when taken alone or in combination with other fertility herbs. When Vitex is part of a fertility herbal remedy preparation, it seems to work in a synergistic way to maximize fertility.

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