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Natural Health for Fertility Newsletter, Issue #009 How to Conceive A Baby Boy or Girl Naturally
February 01, 2010

Proven Techniques To Conceive Either a Boy or A Girl?


My name is Maria Gioia Atzori and I am the editor of the Natural Health for Fertility web site.

This month I want to share with your important tips on how to conceive either a boy or a girl. Do you know that there are a number of natural techniques that can greatly increase your chances of conceiving either a girl or a boy?

For example, your diet is very important. In fact, simply by selecting specific type of foods you can change the pH values in your cervical environment in order to favor sperm containing either the male or the female chromosome.

Read my article on how to select the gender of your baby naturally.

If you are hoping to conceive a girl, here is more info.

If you are hoping to conceive a boy, here is more info.

If the gender is not important to you, I recommend reading this information anyway. You will obtain a great deal of knowledge on conception, ovulation, fertile mucus, vaginal pH, conception diet, etc.

By reading these articles you will gain more insight on the mystery of conception and the next time it might very well be your turn to get pregnant!

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How to Avoid Fertility Drugs and Get Pregnant Naturally

If you have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility and are contemplating fertility treatment, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally by using a unique herbal formula for women.

This formula contains special herbal ingredients like Chasteberry to promote hormonal balance, stimulate ovulation and to support luteal phase; Black Cohosh a famous native American herb and known uterine tonic often used to prevent miscarriages; and the famous Chinese herb Siberian Ginseng to facilitate implantation after conception.
Do not wait, like I did, for years to find out the power of natural health. Learn more now....

Making Childbirth A Positive Experience

Midwives throughout the centuries have known how to use herbs to support the healthy process of childbirth. Only a few generations ago, labor and delivery were viewed as a natural process and not a medical business. The wisdom of the past is still useful to modern women today. Whether you are giving birth at home or in a medical setting, herbs for childbirth can be of great benefit in supporting an easy and your natural labor experience.
Learn about herbs for childbirth

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Maria Gioia Atzori
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