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Abnormal Sperm Morphology and Low Sperm Count

I'm 28 year old female, married for 3 years but trying to conceive since March last year, when I stopped birth control pills.

My husband is 35 years old. We just received the results from his sperm test bad morphology only 1% normal sperm (15% and above is normal). Also low count sperm 9 million as 40mil is normal
He's a taxi driver 4 shifts x 12 hours per week- from 3 pm till 3 am stressful job!

He smokes 20 cigarettes per day. After the results I requested him to stop smoking so he'll try to quit from today with Champix
A doctor told us nothing can be done apart from IVF.

Things that I noticed with my husband he gets angry easily and can’t get over small fights. It keeps him angry for few days. He also has weak bladder and gets very itchy at night time so he needs to scratch himself.

He's a big guy- tall and well built his stomach is a little bit big.

Is there any homeopathic solution you can recommend?

Thanks for your help.


Quitting smoking is a very good thing to do in order to increase sperm quality. Studies have revealed how men who smoke have low sperm count, bad morphology and poor sperm motility.

After quitting smoking, your husband also needs to go through a detox to help his body eliminate toxins that he may have accumulated over years of smoking.

Consider learning more about the male fertility cleanse. Doing a cleanse is the best way to eliminate harmful toxins from that body that affect male hormonal balance and sperm quality.

You see, men are now exposed to toxins called hormonal disruptors called xenoestrogens more than ever before.

These xenoestrogen mimic the action of estrogen in the body causing hormonal disruption like poor testosterone production. Testosterone is the male hormone needed to produce healthy sperm. If testosterone levels are low, sperm production becomes compromised.

Men with low sperm count and poor sperm morphology also need to take specific fertility vitamins, herbs and nutrients to help boost
sperm quality. After following the fertility cleanse, consider using the Male Factor Formula Kit protocol.

This kit helps improve male infertility:

1. Increase sperm count

2. Improve chances of conception

3. Support adequate testosterone levels

4. Increase male libido and sex drive

5. Protect sperm from oxidative and free radical damage.

6. Improve overall sperm quality

7. Normalize sperm quality, motility and count

Consider following this program for a minimum of 4 months before re-testing.

Homeopathic medicine can be very useful to your husband, but the best way to find out which remedy he needs is to consult with a homeopath close to you who can follow his case closely.

In homeopathic medicine the case is opened with one remedy and then as things begin to progress, another remedy is recommended based on what has changed since the initial interview.

By what you described the homeopathic remedy sulphur could be a good match for him. Here is the main indication for homeopathic sulphur in regards to male infertility:

This remedy helps for involuntary loss of sperm. Itching in the genitals made worse by the warmth of the bed. Ejaculations come before erection is complete. Great weakness and tired feeling that prevents sexual vitality. There can be mental depression and irritability.

NOTE: Your husband should not take any homeopathic or herbal remedies while on Champix. This medication is intended to be used in combination with quit-smoking education and counselling.

Treatment should start 1 to 2 weeks before the date the person has set to quit smoking and continue for 12 weeks. During these 12 weeks he should not take any natural supplements because there is the risk of interaction with this drug.

This is very important because this medication can pose side effects and the homeopath needs to know the typical symptoms of your husband and not the side effects of this drug.

My advice is to quit smoking first, follow the fertility cleanse for 1-2 months to eliminate all toxins and then use the male factor formula kit for at least 4 months and consult with a homeopath.

Fertility Blessings!

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