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Welcome To Natural Health For Fertility!

This website is a natural fertility guide that provides useful information on natural health therapies and techniques that will help you get pregnant.

If you are willing to take charge of your fertility and want to learn more about natural therapies that can help increase your chances of conceiving a healthy baby soon, you are in the right place!

My name is Maria Gioia Atzori and I am the author of Natural Health for Fertility and your fertility coach through this website. 

My educational background includes a Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Western Ontario, Canada and a Master of Science Degree in Natural Health. I have studied Classical Homeopathic Medicine at Canadian College Of Homeopathic Medicine, Flower and Women's Health & Homeopathy at the British Institute of Homeopathy. Over the years I have studies and practiced many energy healing modalities, like Reiki, Reconnective Healing, QHHT, and Soul Realignment.

I help couples who are experiencing unexplained infertility release the emotional blockages through the emotion code energy healing system, which is a form of distance energy clearing work to remove imbalances in order to make conditions right for the body to heal itself. I work with those who want to understand the mind/body connection related to their fertility issues. 

Supporting, educating and helping women get pregnant is what this website is about. I enjoy researching in the field of holistic medicine with particular focus on homeopathy, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, healthy life style, meditation, relaxation techniques, energy therapy, yoga therapy and mind-body medicine. 

Emotional Clearing Session

Clearing the emotional, mental and physical blocks to your infertility issues can be very helpful. If you feel stressed, insecure and overwhelmed by getting pregnant, letting go of your limiting beliefs and trapped emotions can make a difference in the way you go thought this process. 

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My Fertility Story

After suffering from an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage I decided to look into natural medicine to find a solution to my situation, even if I was told my chances of having a baby were very small. In my heart I knew this was not going to stop me for hoping. My husband and I changed our diet, installed a whole house water purification system, learned yoga, took Reiki classes, used homeopathic and herbal remedies.

After years of struggling, I finally got pregnant with my first son. This pregnancy was classified at risk due to my history, but I felt happy and healthy and I knew that all my hard work was going to finally pay off. In fact, Matthew was born on a beautiful, hot summer day, right on his daddy's birthday!

After giving birth to first son I struggled with post-partum issues and breastfeeding problems. I was able to regain perfect health only through the use of natural therapies.

During that time I was also longing for another child. I felt so lucky to have had him that it seemed too much to ask for a second baby. At that time, my husband and I decided to seek help from traditional Chinese Medicine and had weakly acupuncture treatments. We also took homeopathic and herbal remedies regularly. After two years, our daughter came along. With her I had a wonderful natural childbirth and I used homeopathic medicine and self hypnosis during childbirth. With this second pregnancy, I had no problems from conception to postpartum, thanks to natural health!

We were so happy and felt very blessed that we never imagined a third surprise pregnancy with our sweat second son. This time I felt like life had given me the biggest gift of all, the gift of believing in the natural process of conception, pregnancy and motherhood.

Now, with this site, I want to share this gift with you.

My growing interest in spirituality has lead me to look deeper into a more spiritual approach to wellness and healing, especially when it comes to fertility. I strongly believe that we all are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Over time my work has shifted to integrating spiritual principles and utilize energy clearing. It is often possible to find out that the true cause of infertility is not only hormonal imbalance, poor diet or mental stress, but also past or inherited energetic imbalances.

There are many energetic influences on the body that create imbalances at the physical, mental and emotional level that can be cleared in order to help the body find inner balance. 

What I find, working with women is that the body is connected to the rest of their life challenges. For example having a baby has a connection to financial and relationship issues. These cannot be ignored when addressing infertility.

The major cause of many physical challenges are negative trapped emotions, that get stuck in the body as a result of physical and emotional trauma. Even if the experience has passed, the emotional resonance can still be present in the body causing dysfunction at the mental, emotional or even the physical level.

My advise to you is to not forget to address this important piece of your infertility puzzle. 

Fertility Help

Getting the help you need and the correct information on natural fertility products and therapies is often difficult. Most medical doctors do not have any formal training in these modalities and rarely recommend them due to lack of interest from the medical establishment.

When it comes to infertility, I believe that a complementary approach is the best solution because conventional medicine has the tools to diagnose while natural health has the power to heal.

Most fertility drugs and treatments may pose serious side effects and complications to both mother and child and should only be utilized when everything else fails.

"The first step in achieving conception should be based on fertility education."

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Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia Atzori, BSc., MS, DSHM, CECP, CBCP

Certified Emotion Code/Body Practitioner & Natural Fertility Expert

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