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Achieving Pregnancy

by Dionne

I am 41 year old woman I have two girls age 14 and 12 in the past 8 years I've had three serious partners and have tried for a baby with all of them and can't get pregnant I have regular periods am I infertile?


Hi Dionne,

To learn more about your fertility you need to consult with your family doctor and have a complete physical and fertility testing done in order to know for sure. It is important to check you hormonal levels, your uterus, ovaries and your fallopian tubes to make sure they are not blocked. Since you already had two kids, it is possible that you may simply have poor hormonal balance that can be addressed naturally.

The first thing you can do and that is very important in order to learn more about your fertility is to chart your cycle. This allows you to know for sure if you are ovulating and when you are ovulating. At 41 you are approaching perimenopause, which is linked to cause hormonal fluctuations. This does not mean that you are infertile, it simply means that your hormones may not reach the necessary levels to trigger ovulation or to support embryo implantation.

Regular periods are a good sign, you may simply need to know when you ovulate in order to target love making accordingly to your cycle.

Please, download my FREE Guide To Fertility Charting & Natural Conception to learn more about how to achieve conception. If you are not using this method you may be missing your fertile window.

Another important advice is to take fertility vitamins to support you ovulation patterns, maintain hormonal balance and to help you increase your cervical mucus. I
know many women who are perfectly fertile, have regular cycles, but do not produce high quality fertile mucus during ovulation. If this is your case, I strongly recommend supplementing with FertileCM, a natural product specifically designed to improve fertile mucus.

In order to get pregnant you need to know when you are about to ovulate and fertile mucus is key because it increases just before ovulation and becomes dry at ovulation.

You should have sex 48 hours before the egg is released by the ovary in order to conceive. Having fertile mucus allows the sperm to survive in your reproductive tract as ovulation approaches. Fertile mucus is alkaline and very similar to the spermatic fluid that keep the sperm healthy and alive. Most women who have an acidic vaginal environment often produce a mucus that is hostile to sperm.

A great way to monitor your hormones is by using OvaCue Fertility Monitor, I highly recommend to all those women who have been trying to conceive for so long. This is an very useful tool when trying to achieve pregnancy.

OvaCue is a saliva-based electronic fertility monitor designed specifically for trying-to-conceive couples. With OvaCue, you can predict your ovulation date up to seven days in advance by measuring changes in the electrolyte concentration of your saliva, giving you more opportunities to conceive each month.

It measures the levels of estrogen which is important in knowing more about your fertility.
It has been clinically proven to be 98.3% accurate in monitoring ovulation in studies sponsored by the National Institute of Health.

I hope this gives you a way to start, if you have more questions do not hesitate to ask again, I will be able to answer.

Fertility Blessings!

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