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Acupunture Points for Curve Blocked Tubes

by Mrs.shinde

Hi am 37 yrs old and I am married from last 12 years and I have curve in Fallopian tubes and I am taking acupuncture treatment and I want to know more acupuncture points for my treatment.

Please, guide me as my sister is an acupuncturist, I want to do it by acupuncture only and if any other treatment u can suggest me.


The quality of the points based on the analysis of your state of health is what counts in acupuncture treatments.

I am sure your sister is a qualified acupuncturist and knows how to help you. If the curve is caused by endometriosis it is important to use points that support your immune system, cleanse the blood, address pelvic congestion and promote hormonal balance.

Treatment should be tailored to kidney deficiency and blood stasis.

Also, congenital pelvic defects are often treated as a Kidney Qi deficiency.

Make sure to follow a healthy diet. This will support your body while going through acupuncture treatments.

Avoid foods that create mucus like dairy products, white flour, pasta, bread and cakes.

Increase the consumption of fruits, but not too much. Eat all your vegetables lightly steamed, but not cold and do not drink icy cold water, room temperature is best.

Of course your acupuncture doctor will explain all this to you.

Many Blessings!

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