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Age 44 And Trying To Conceive

by Nuzhat
(Austin TX)

My age is 44 can I get pregnant?


Hi Nuzhat,

You can get pregnant at 44 if you still ovulate and you can make healthy eggs. There is no reason why you cannot get pregnant if you are healthy and have a healthy life style.

If your doctor has tested your hormones and said that you have viable eggs, you can get pregnant at 44.

Consider supporting your attempt to conceive with fertility vitamins and a stress-free and healthy life style.

If you are ovulating regularly, you can get pregnant at any age. The problem with being 44 is that most women your age enter peri-menopause and begin to have a few anovulatory cycles. So, you may have your periods but not ovulation. The only way to know if you are ovulating is by charting your menstrual cycle.

In order to maximize your chances of conception, track your cycle by measuring your basal body temperature every morning. Also, use a fertility monitor like Ovacue that helps your most fertile time and your ovulation day.

Make sure to use the Vaginal Sensor in conjunction with the OvaCue Fertility Monitor to confirm the date of ovulation and increase the accuracy of the monitor.

Fertility Blessings!



Use of improve health kit for low ovarian reserve

Hello, I have just turned 44 years trying to conceive my 2nd baby via IVF but my IVF cycles have been cancelled twice as the follicles are not reaching maturation, due to low ovarian reserve. Is it worth trying again for IVF by trying the improve
heath kit.

Have you seen success stories for low ovarian reserve with improve health kit?

Please let me know?



Hi Anu,

When poor egg quality is the problem, I would definitely recommend the OvaWise - Egg Health Kit for at least 4 months before beginning your next IVF cycle. Make sure to follow the fertility cleanse for the first month in order to help your body eliminate the toxins accumulated by the fertility drugs you may have been taking.

The typical protocol to support healthy agg production before IVF is:

Months 1: Fertility Cleanse Kit
To help your body eliminate harmful toxins that can affect the quality of your eggs and your hormonal balance.

Month 1-4: Ovawise Kit
To support the production of your eggs by nourishing the ovarian tissue and increasing the quality of your follicles.

Month 1-4: Self Fertility Massage
To promote new blood to reach your ovaries and uterus and increase circulation. Pelvic stagnation is related to poor ovarian response. If you can, make sure to increase your exercise level by doing yoga, 30 minute walks and swimming. Dancing and mild cardio workouts can also be beneficial.

Click here to learn more about these fertility kits.

Your diet should also be really good, try to avoid process foods, cofee and tea. Drink lots of water and fresh organic fruits and vegetable each day.

Go for daily walks and try to relax. If you feel like you need emotional support while going through IVF, I would recommend the IVF Mind-Body Program to use during you IVF cycle.

Fertility Blessings!

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