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Age Differance Hub and Wife And Pregnancy

I am 25 and my wife 35 now she is pregnant - my question is now baby safe or any defects or any other problem please help me.

Baby’s Health If Mom is Older

Your baby is perfectly safe! The age difference should not be a problem as your wife is still young to have babies. Nowadays many first time moms are over 35 and give birth to very healthy babies. In fact, studies have shown how mature moms look after themselves better during pregnancy by doing prenatal yoga, following a healthy diet, getting regular prenatal checkups and taking prenatal vitamins consistently, thus giving birth to healthy babies as a result. Age is only one variable in the health of a child, having a healthy pregnancy is also very important.

I personally have to agree with these findings. Most over 35 moms I know have very healthy and happy babies. Other studies show that mature moms over 30 seem to provide better maternal care to their babies and be more conscientious about what they feed their babies and how they raise them. They are also most likely to breastfeed and provide better maternal attachment.

Make sure your wife takes prenatal vitamins, eats well
and has a relaxed pregnancy. All will be well. Diet and life style are very important when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy and baby. Your wife should avoid eating commercially raised meat, dairy and eggs.

A pregnant woman should eat lots of fruits and vegetables that have been grown free of harmful pesticides. To avoid contamination is important to peal the fruits and to cook the vegetables. The best way to cook vegetables is through steaming for 3 minutes to avoid losing too many of important minerals and vitamins.

Adding fresh vegetables and lots of greens is important to prevent yeast and fungal infections while helping maintain blood glucose levels stable during pregnancy.

Your wife should also hydrate her body with water by drinking lots of water. It is recommended to drink purified water and never tap water to neutralize toxins and waste products.

Pregnant women should eat lots of alkaline foods like:

Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds
Brown Basmati Rice
Sweet Potatoes
Red Cabbage

Congratulations and enjoy your time as expecting-father!

Many Blessings to your, your wife and your baby!

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