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Am I In Menopause At 47?

by Lea

I just turned 47 and my periods have stopped with no other symptoms, in fact my last periods were normal, my FSH was at 75 through and so my doctor says I'm in menopause. I also have another abnormality and that is elevated liver enzymes.

I never drink, never take medication of any kind and am not obese. I want to bring my FSH levels down and hopefully help my menstrual cycle will return. It just doesn't feel normal without it and I have not symptoms of anything, can you recommend something?
Thank you.


High FSH Levels and Menopause:

Hi Lea,

It is possible to go into menopause at 47. Having high FSH levels indicates that your ovarian function is slowly decreasing. You are officially in menopause when you have had 12 months of no periods uninterrupted.

In many women this does not happen suddenly. In fact, in many cases the process is slow.

Your periods may return naturally or you may do something natural to help.

The best herbal remedy that brings about missed cycles (make sure that you are not pregnant) is black cohosh and vitex.

If you are meant to have your cycles back a natural herbal remedy called FertileXX will help you maintain regular ovulation cycles up until your body naturally decides to go into menopause. Reaching menopause is a process that takes years.

The period before your periods stop completely is called perimenopause. During this time your hormones fluctuate and your periods change from month to month. It is harder to get pregnant while on perimenopause because you may not ovulate regularly each cycle.

The facts that you mention abnormal liver enzymes make me think that your liver may benefit from a cleansing. Often liver toxicity correlated with hormonal fluctuations.

If you are up to it, consider doing something to support your liver like taking a liver tonic.

Many Blessings!


Herbs To Improve Egg Quality

I am 47 and hoping to get pregnant using my own eggs. Which herbs can help improve egg quality and support my hormones?

Thanks, Sabine


Hi Sabine,

Vitex agnus castus, Red clover, White peony, Maca, Tribulus, and Don Quai are great herbs that support hormonal balance during the menstrual cycle.

Vitex helps reduce high level FSH and supports the corpus luteum and progesterone levels.

Red Clover supports estrogen metabolism.

White peony helps balance the entire hormonal system lowering testosterone while balancing estrogen and progesterone. It is especially indicated for women who have poor ovarian response, PCOS and smaller follicles.

Maca helps in times of stress supports the ovaries and the adrenal glands produce progesterone.

Tribulus supports ovulation and increases libido in both men and women

Don Quai increased blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

If you want to learn more about herbs to balance your hormones, I would recommend this herbal program, which is designed to balance hormonal levels using specific herbal formulas that support the follicular and the luteal phase of the mentrual cycle.

During the follicular phase, your body is under the control of the hormone estrogen and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), which stimulates the growth of the follicles in the ovaries and the proliferation of the endometrium in the uterus.

During the luteal phase at ovulation, the reproductive cycle is under the control of the hormone progesterone and luteinizing hormone (LH). During this time, the endometrium becomes ready to receive the embryo and support implantation and pregnancy.

If you are still ovulating you can get pregnant even if you are 47, especially with IVF treatments.

Many Blessings!

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