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Anovulation for Long Period.


I am a woman in my mid- forties and have married for 15 yrs without a child. The basic problem for my infertility was hormonal imbalance as diagnosed at hospital. I was put on a lot of drugs to rectify this situation but all to no avail.

This was when l was in my early thirties. I have not bothered again since many years now but l happen to read about your publications on fertility herbal treatment like fertile xx and others that has generated a new interest in trying this treatment.

Where can l get this herbal treatment to buy in Ghana. I have a strong faith that l can have children even in this late period in my life for with God all things are possible




Hi Tina,

Unfortunately the maker of FertileXX, Native Remedies don’t ship to your country.

Since you are in your mid-forties your ovarian reserves may be low and this would explain when you have anovulatory cycles.

If your body has not gone into menopause yet, it is possible to support ovulation, but it is difficult due to your age.

During the perimenopasue period the hormones fluctuations may cause the ovaries to stop releasing eggs each month causing very long irregular cycles. This does not mean that you cannot get pregnant. It simply means that it will take more effort.

Having said that, your faith in this process is very inspiring and if you feel that you have to give this one more trial I think you should too.

The most important herbal remedy that can help balance the female hormonal system is Vitex. Vitex supports regular ovulation cycles.

You can find it at the Natural Fertility Shop online store and I am pretty sure thay might ship to Ghana.

Also, if you want to support your body in producing healthy eggs, The Healthy Eggs Kit.

At you rage egg quality is very important to have a healthy baby.

I hope this helps you,

Fertility Blessings!

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