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Antisperm Antibodies In Men

Is there any treatment for antisperm antibodies in men, or is sperm washing & IVF the only option?


Antisperm antibodies in men happen when the body’s immune system begins attacking sperm cells. Within the male reproductive system, the sperm cells should be protected by the immune system by a blood barrier. In men who suffer from anti-sperm antibody, this blood-testis barrier is not working properly and the immune system detects sperm cells as freight invaders and destroys them.

The blood–testes barrier can be damaged by trauma to the testes, by surgery or infection. When the blood–testes barrier is breached, and sperm enters the bloodstream, the immune system mounts an immune response against its own sperm (autoimmunity). These anti-sperm antibodies bind to antigen sites on the surface of the sperm.

Depending on the location of these sites, the sperm cell can be affected differently in each case, but ultimately all may cause inability of the sperm cells to fertility an egg.

The immune system may create antibodies against the tail, the head or the body of the sperm cell. If the tail is affected, the sperm cannot swim and clump together.
If the head is affected, the sperm cannot enter the egg during fertilization.

It is also possible for a woman’s immune system to make antibodies against her partner’s sperm once the sperm comes into contact wither cervical mucus.

The reasons for antisperm antibody in men have something to do with the fact that the sperm blood barrier is no longer functioning and sperm cell is somehow exposed to the immune system. The main reasons are: injury, infection, vasectomy, congenital problems, surgery, undescended testicles, and varicocele.

Washing the sperm before IUI/IVF is an effective way to allow fertilization. But these treatments are costly and not always successfult at the first trial.

It is not easy to treat this type
of condition naturally, but there are a few promising natural remedies can be utilized to address anti-sperm antibodies in men. The time required goes from 4-6 months. I think they would be worth trying before resorting to IVF or IUI.

The first remedy is tribulus terrestris, which has been shown by a study conducted in Bulgaria to help men with anti-sperm antibodies conceive naturally.

They conception rate was 61% in the treatment group who took tribulus terrestris versus the control group who took a placebo.

Tribulus also is known to support male sperm production and improve sperm motility and sperm count. It has the ability to increase male sexual hormones like testosterone and DHEA. This herb is also a known adaptive that helps release stress and support energy levels. In Bulgaria, this herb is famous for its abilities to promote stamina in Olympic athletes.

The second is enzyme therapy with Webenzym N.

Wobenzyme delivers systemic enzymes to the body that seem to be able to support immunological dysfunctions related to infertility like immunologically induced miscarries.

A study was conducted in Germany showed a rate of success was of 79 % in women who after taking Wobenzym N where capable of carries a pregnancy to term.

Others studies with Wobenzym N have shown how this product works as an immune modulator for autoimmune diseases like reumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Wobenzym supports the body during inflammatory process. System enzymes break down proteins and circulating immune complexes in the blood that cause inflammation. Enzymes also remove fibrin which is the scar tissue and clotting material that prolongs inflammation. Enzymes work so well because they reduce oedema and swelling to the testicles.

For these reasons Wobenzym N can provide incredible therapeutic benefits to men who have anti-sperm antibodies related to autoimmunity, varicocele, injury, surgery and inflammation cause by infections to the reproductive organs.

Fertility Blessings!

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