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Australian Bush Remedies For Fertility

by Janet

I have been told by a friend that it is helpful to use Australian bush remedies to increase fertility.

Are they like Bach flower remedies?

Which one would you recommend for increasing conception and female fertility?



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Sep 19, 2011
Australian Bush Flower Essences
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

These flower essences work in a similar way as the Bach remedies but come from different flowers essences commonly found in Australia.

Australian Bush Remedies are really great to help physical and mental wellness while trying to conceive.

This is a list of the most useful one:

She Oak Flower Essence
She Oak can help women who suffer from unexplained infertility because it has to ability to stimulate your body to correct hormonal imbalances.
It also can help you release any emotional blocks associated with negative feeling, which might inhibit conception at the emotional and physical level.

Flannel Flower Essence
Flannel Flower is said to bring enjoyment through physical contact like touching and feeling.
This flower remedy is very important because many couples who have been trying to conceive for a very long time forget to enjoy the act of making love.
They are mostly worried about the outcome and cannot focus of enjoying their time together as a couple.
Many men feel stressed over having to have sex when the time is right for ovulation rather than for expressing love for each other.
This remedy can assist if you are experiencing these feelings. Flannel Flower is particularly indicated for the male partner because it helps develop gentleness and sensitivity they can share with their female partner.

Turkey Bush Flower Essence
Turkey bush is the remedy for stimulates the release of your inner creative capability. You power of creativity is increase while taking this remedy.
It is very useful while trying to conceive because creativity, procreation and conception are at the same soul level.
If you experience discouragement as a result of not being able to express your creativity in your life, the negative emotions can create emotional blocks that can be cleared by Turkey Bush.
This essence brings back your physical ability to conceive a new life and your mental ability to conceive new ideas.

I hope this helps you!

Fertility Blessings!

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