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Average Time Before Ejaculation

by Manoj
( Karauli, Rajasthan, India)

Timing Intercourse. I want to know what is the discharge time during sex. In how much time a man discharge the semen during intercourse. For a man of Indian background.


The average time that it takes a men to ejaculate varies from men to men, but it should be around 3-7 minutes. What affects the amount of time required is a number of factors like age, frequency, sexual arousal, time of the day, sexual experience, and medical history.
If you want to know how long it should take to ejaculate during intercourse, the truth is that there is not set time, every couple finds its own way to experience sex. If you want to know this in order to determine if your experience is within the normal range or if there is a risk of premature ejaculation (too soon) or erectile dysfunction (too late), please note that every person is different.

Premature ejaculation occurs when the sperm is released too early.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when the penis cannot maintain an erection within the female reproductive tract long enough for sex.

These two are the extremes of the rage, anywhere in between is considered normal sexual performance.

Some men may need more time to climax depending on forplay, while others may need only a few minutes. In terms of timing intercourse to achieve pregnancy, it's important to make sure that enough of the sperm is
released inside of the vagina. The more healthy, happy sperms present the higher the chances of conception, provided that the woman has enough fertile cervical mucus.

Since I am not sure what the problem is all the recommendation I can give you is that if it takes considerably a long time to discharge semen, it would be important to talk to a doctor in order to exclude erectile dysfunction.

If the problem is the opposite, that is, the semen discharge occurs too early, the following method can help:
This method is called the squeeze method and it can be very effective. It requires interrupting intercourse and stopping stimulation while gently squeezing the base of the penis for about 30 seconds. This should make the orgasm and ejaculation come faster.
Also, herbal remedies specifically formulated for male sexual performance can be very effective in helping support healthy erections while increasing male reproductive health and fertility.
To help a man maintain healthy strong erectionsIKawe for Men is an excellent remedy.

This herbal remedy is 100% all natural, safe while trying to conceive and provides the following benefits:

1. Promote strong erections
2. Maintain sexual arousal and sex drive
3. Increase blood flow to the penis
4. Support pleasurable ejaculation
5. Increase sexual stamina
6. Create male hormonal balance

Hopefully I was able to answer your question. Let me know if you require more explanation or support.

Fertility Blessings!

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Need help
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the information.
But I need little more assistance. My partner can't sustaine for more than a minute. He releases very shortly after he entered.

Is there any medicine to deal with this?

Please do reply.


I would recommend a natural approach called Ikawe for Men. This is an herbal remedy specifically formulated to assist men who have poor erections. It supports healthy circulation to the male reproductive organs helping achieve and sustain stronger and longer erections.

Of course, before taking any herbal remedy, talk to a doctor, especially if your husband is taking any prescription medication for blood pressure.

All The Best!

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