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AVM During Pregnancy

by Sana

Hi All! I am pregnant and I am 7 weeks now, I had av malformation of my leg since my birth.

I didn't had any problem with my leg when I conceived my daughter 10 years ago, but this time my leg pains are a lot when i sleep, what to do?

Is any medicine in homeopathy for av malformation (AVM)?
I am very tense, please help!

Thanks a lot!

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Homeopathic Remedies For AV Malformation During Pregnancy
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

AVM stands for Arteriovenous Malformation and is a condition in which there is are faulty connections between arteries and veins. A person with AVM the capillaries are missing and in place of capillaries, much larger sized blood vessels connect the artery directly to the vein.

The consequence of this condition is high pressure in the veins as well has the arteries. The arteries have a much stronger wall thus capable to accommodating higher blood pressure of circulating blood. But the veins have a thinner wall so the higher than normal pressure produces symptoms like pain, bleeding, etc.

AVMs can occur anywhere in the body, in the lower part of the body such as the legs as in your case or even in the brain where it becomes more serious condition because of the rick of hemorrhaging causing stroke.

There is an increased risk of hemorrhage from an AVM during pregnancy, which may increase after the first trimester when the blood vessels increase and more blood is pumped toward the growing pain.
Although not all AVMs bleed during pregnancy, other symptoms may be present like increased pain and poor blood circulation to the extremities as well.

Homeopathic treatment during pregnancy is very safe for both mother and child because the remedies are highly diluted and non-addictive and non-toxic, but in my opinion it should be prescribed by a qualified homeopath that can take your case and specifically monitor your case and your pregnancy.

The following remedies can may help in AVM condition that causes pain aggravated by pregnancy, but your homeopath may prescribe different ones depending on your specific situation:

Arnica montana for pain and for bruises and hematoma formation and prevent hemorrhaging.

Calcarea Fluorica 6X, Tissue salt preparation to increase the elasticity of the veins and to help for tearing pain in legs.

Chamomilla helps for hypersensitivity to pain with mental emotional state of outburst of crying and irritability.

Hamamelis for affections of veins bruised soreness of affected parts with passive venus hemorrhaging. Swelling of veins large and blue worse during pregnancy.

Pulsatilla to support venus circulation and strengthens the veins. It is indicated in cases of varicocity during pregnancy.

Sepia for blood stagnation and blood stasis of the portal venus system and cold extremities due to poor circulation.

All the best!

Av Malformation And Leg Pain
by: Sana

Hi All! I have AVM and I am 8 weeks pregnant. Thanks for the previous reply, but apart from the medicines, what measures should I take to reduce the risk of AVM.

Also, the pain in more when I sleep, what may be the reason fro that?

When I put a pillow under my leg during sleep it hurts more. Also, when I use special stocking for this, I feel more pain while I sleep.

I am very worried. Would I be able to continue my pregnancy peacefully?
Please, help me! Thanks!

Will AVM affect my growing baby?

AVM And Pregnancy
by: Anonymous

You should really talk to your doctor about your concerns and get regular medical care during your pregnancy. Women with AVM can have healthy pregnancies and babies, but your pregnancy needs to be carefully monitored. This is very important.

I do not think that your baby is at risk as long as you remain happy, relaxed and heat a healthy diet.

As far as the leg pain, you need to consult with a homeopathic practitioner that can help you select the best remedy for you, a classical approach is the best way to keep you and the baby healthy where the homeopath takes into consideration not just your physical symptoms but also your mental and emotional ones.

Also, joining a support group like
will help you.

Stay positive and relaxed, all is going to be well for you.

Also, do not forget to practice pregnancy meditation, each day to help you have a pregnancy stress free.

All The Best!

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