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Azoospermia Homeopathy

by Krishna
(Kanpur, Utter Pradesh)

I have scanty spermatogonia cells but not regenerate. Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine for cure.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Azoospermia
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

In order to assist the body to produce healthy spermatozoa, it is important to follow these general guidelines for male fertility:

1. Avoid Heat. Sperm anomalies can result if the scrotum is exposed to heat for prolonged periods of time. Avoid hot tubs and saunas, wear boxers (not briefs) and loose-fitting pants, and avoid long-distance bicycle riding.

2. Eliminate Environmental Toxins. Exposure to pollutants from cigarette smoke, pesticides, chemicals, electromagnetic devices, and excessive amounts of alcohol can cause sperm to become misshapen. Avoid non-organic milk and meat because they contain synthetic estrogen that can impair the healthy development of sperm.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet and include fertility vitamins, to your daily routine. Certain minerals and vitamins, particularly natural Vitamin E, zinc, and selenium, can have a positive effect on sperm morphology.

4. The following homeopathic remedies can improve this condition when taken for a period of 4-6 months depending on the cause.

If Azoospermia was caused by a previous infection, the first remedy should be selected based on this information. For example, tubercolosis, select Tuberculimun 30CH or Bacillunum 30CH. For mumps, select Parotidinum 30CH, Pulsatilla 30CH, or Rhus Tox 30CH. For injury, select Arnica 30CH 30CH. Whatever the infection underlining, the nosode should be selected first.

For unknown reasons the following general remedies can help:

Zincum Met 30C to help the body absorb Zinc and increases the volume of prostatic fluid.

Vanadium 3x to promote arterial health.

Selenium 3x to increase absorption of the mineral selenium needed by the body to produce healthy sperm cells and spermatic fluids.

Rhododendron ferrugineum 30CH for Hydrocele.

Borax 30 C once a week for Candida infection. Candida makes the seminal fluid sticky, low in pH and affects the sperm.

Medorrhinum 30C once a week. This remedy improves spermatic fluid and addresses past infection.

A more specific analysis of your case by a professional homeopath is recommended. If you can consult with a homeopath in your area, he will be able to select the remedies more specific for your case depending on you specific symptoms.

All the best!

by: wisal

According to my point of view the following medicines also play an essential role in azoospermia problems;


Pygium africanum


For Azoospermia NEW
by: sanvi

Dear sir ,
I have been married for more then 4 years & still I have know children . I already finised my semen analysis . Tech me this result ...

Semen quantity .... 2cc
Consistency ...... Visicid
Reaction ........ Alkaline
SPERM :(0-1)hpf
Pus cell : (0-2) hpf
**** examination done after 2 hours of ejaculation .

I allready eat medicine last 3 month after semen analysis .
# dietary supplement 500mg 1capsul 2 time a day .
# Vitamin E+C 250mg one time a day .

Repeated test after eat medicine :::

Semen Quantity .....: 1 cc
Color ......... Whitish
Odour ........ Fishy
Reaction ...... Alkaline
Spermatozoa not found
Pus cell ..... (15-20)hpf

Comment ...... Azoospermia

**** examination has done within 15 minutes .

Repeat test after eat medicine 1 month .tech me this result :

Semen Quantity ...... 2cc
Consistency ...... Visicid
Reaction ..... Alkaline

Pus cell ...(2-4)hpf

Azoospermia .

Examination done after 2 hours of ejaculation .

What do i do now ?????

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