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Azoospermia & Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome

by Ravi

Hi,My semen analysis result shows : Azoospermia

I underwent testicular biopsy, the result shows Sertolli Cell only.

Is there any possibilty to produce sperm in my case or i have to look for donor / adoption as an option.

Please let me know your suggestion.


Hi Ravi,

Sertoli-cell-only syndrome is a condition that leads to permanent infertility. It is also called germ cell aplasia. It is commonly diagnosed by testicular biopsy, during which the germ cells are not seen.

At this time, this condition is considered to be mostly irreversible.

Recent studies have shown that varicocele may cause low oxygen in the testicles leading to a gradual deterioration of sperm production causing azoospermia or nill sperm condition. Early treatment of varicocele is very important in the prevention of this condition, but once diagnosis is done, little can be done to improve it.

Sertoli Cell Only can be prevented with treatment of bilateral varicocele by microsurgery to re-establish the flow of oxygenated blood to the sperm production site in order to restore sperm production.

In a study published in Andrologia, 2010, it was found that germinal cells may still exists in other areas of the testicular tissue and correction of the low oxygenated blood flow to the testicles may restore very limited sperm production in some patients.

Selective sclerotherapy and varicocele microsurgery may be effective in 40% of cases (Andrologia. 2010 Oct;42(5):314-21).

I really don’t want to give you false hope, but homeopathic remedies may be of assistance, especially if you had varicocele in the past, provided that genetic factors are excluded.

This means that if you were ever able to make sperm cells in the past homeopathy may be able to reverse this situation. The chances of success may be low but you could still consider talking to a good homeopathic doctor near you for a second opinion.

If not, sperm donor is your best option.

If in your heart you find the love to adopt a child in need of a happy family, you will be able to transform this situation into a gift. Many adopted family often tell that their child was meant to be theirs in every way. Natural conception is not the only way to having a happy family.

Many Blessings!

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