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How Bach Flower Therapy Can Help You Conceive

It's a fact that Bach flower therapy and flower essences increase mental and emotional wellbeing during conception.

Are Your Negative Feelings Affecting Your Fertility?

If you feel stressed out, depressed and cannot cope with the ups and downs of trying to get pregnant, Bach flower therapy and conception essences can come to the rescue.

These alternative remedies help restore emotional balance eliminating the stress and the mental anguish of trying to conceive. They are safe, non-toxic, non addictive and can really help uplift your spirit when you feel desperate and depressed about your ability to have a baby.

While trying to conceive you may experience a wide range of emotions that may go from excitement to disappointment, even guilt, fear and anger. Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts and emotions on your physical body!

"Negative emotions, when prolonged, can trigger biochemical and hormonal changes within your body affecting your fertility."

It's known that high levels the stress hormone, cortisol, can affect the metabolic pathways of estrogen and progesterone production leading to delayed ovulation in women and low testosterone levels in men.

Bach flower therapy and flower essences can assist you if you are under stress or if you feel concerned about your ability to get pregnant, especially if you are going through stressful fertility testing or are already considering in vitro fertility treatments.

Many women who had failed IVF cycles or experienced a miscarriage in the past are more likely to feel emotionally fragile while trying again.

Bach Flower Therapy and flower essences can help support your mental and emotional wellbeing giving you a deep sense of confidence and calmness during this important time in your life.

Bach Flower Therapy & Mind-Body Connection

Bach flower essences were discovered by medical doctor and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s in England. Dr. Bach observed that many of people physical conditions' were connected to unbalanced mental and emotional state.

Negative mental thoughts and emotions like sadness, depression, worry, melancholy, etc., affect the body's ability to be in balance at the physiological level.

Prolonged negative mental and emotional conditions, can in the long run, manifest as sickness within the body. Somehow the body's inner ability to heal itself is altered and physical health shifts to a degenerative state.

These observations brought Dr. Bach to conclude that many illnesses depend on the state of emotional health of a person.

In fact, modern science does recognize that many physical conditions have a psychosomatic origin.

It is important to be aware that Bach remedies do not offer direct treatment or diagnosis for specific disease conditions, they simply help you positively change your outlook at your life situation, thus allowing your own inner healing potential to arise.

Bach flower remedies are widely used and quite popular in England and most European countries.

"After Bach's discovery, more flower essences have been discovered in many other parts of the world."

I have used a wide variety of essences and I can tell you that they all work wonders in bringing back mental and emotional balance, especially after trauma, disappointed, stress, and low confidence.

The most valuable fertility flower essences help create balance at the mental and emotional level, stimulating a sense of serenity and inner peace for a healthy and natural conception.

Like in Bach flower therapy, these flower essences are effective in increasing fertility because they help release mental stress by promoting the release of negative emotions.

The healing philosophy behind essences is that physical wellness can be obtain through mental and emotional wellness. When you take a flower essence, the special therapeutic effects of the flower vibrational energies stimulates healing in your mind, body and spirit. This creates perfect balance within your body allowing further physical healing and balance to occur.

Bach flower therapy and flower essences are part of alternative medicine and need to be selected on an individual basis. 

Using Bach therapy while getting pregnant helps you feel less stressed and more optimistic, especially if you have been trying to conceive for some time. Everything will work out in the end.

Bach remedies and flower essences can help you feel less anxious before or during a doctor's visit or medical procedures or when waiting for results. They can also help you recover more quickly after surgery, failed cycles, miscarriage or stillbirths.

What's The difference Between: Bach Remedies and Flower Essences?

Bach Remedies

Bach remedies, also called Bach essences, are a system of 38 plant flower essences which were discovered by medical physician and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Each Bach flower essence aids a specific emotion and can be taken by itself or mixed together with other Bach flower essences to best suit your mental and emotional state. Bach flower therapy is a form of holistic medicine that is very gently and can be used to support conception, pregnancy and postpartum.

Bach essences can help while getting pregnant in cases of sadness, mild depression, inability to cope with life changes, fear to go to the doctor, fear of tests, anxiety while awaiting for test results, fear of needles, anticipation of in vitro treatments, discouragement of failing fertility cycles, irritability, shock, trauma, guilt and insomnia.

If you have the passion to learn more you can easily identify which Bach Flower Essence you need. I recommend Bach flower therapy to those women who have deep emotional imbalances and need a more individualized approach with the help of a practitioner.

Bach Flower Essences

Flower essences are similar to Dr. Bach's remedies but they come from different flowers. In fact, Bach flower remedies or essences are also often referred to as English Flower Essences because most of the flower used to prepare these essences come from England.

After the original Bach flower remedies were discovered in England By Dr. Bach, many more flower essences from all over the world have been tested for emotional properties. It is possible to find them in combination or as a single remedies.

Other effective flower essence therapy systems have been developed and they include Alaskan Flower Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, California Flower Essences. There are more studies currently under way to discover more flower essences that can be applied with the same principals of Dr. Bach's initial discovery.

I have personally used different essences and I can honestly say that they are all very effective.

Once you become used to working with these subtle healing frequencies, you realize that each flower essence has its own unique frequency or energy patter and works in very unique ways.

Learn more about Bach Remedies for Conception & Fertility...

Fertility Blessings!

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