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Bach Remedies During labor

Bach remedies during labor and childbirth help prevent emotional trauma to both mother and child during labor and that can keep the mother and the father (do not forget Daddy!) in a calm state.

Dr Edward Bach created an emergency Bach Flower composite remedy to be used in emergency situations. This remedy is called Rescue Remedy and it has been proven time after time to do wonders when used during labor.

How To Take Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy contains 5 flowers that help you:

1. Impatiens

If you feel impatient about how your labor is progressing and keep asking: "How far long am I?" or "How long is this going to take?" or you could ask the doctor: "Can you make this going faster!"

2. Rock Rose

If you become panicky and freeze or feel helpless. This is the remedy for terror and great fear. it is very useful during an emergency situation that occurs during labor or just when the contractions become too strong and you freeze at the painful experience. This remedy can help gain more mental strength to get you through the panicky state. This remedy can be very useful also for Daddy.

3. Cherry Plum

If you feel like you are going to lose control and you will not be able to cope with the situation. You need this remedy when you feel you are going to be screaming out of control or want to cry and kick.

4. Star of Bethlehem

This remedy is used for trauma and shock. This remedy is great also if given to baby. Just sprinkle a few drops on his ankle at birth.

5. Clematis

It helps you become grounded and gives you clarity and alertness for the present moment.

Make a treatment bottle (30 ml) containing 4 drops of Rescue Remedy stock bottle (you can find this at the health food store or homeopathic pharmacy), 1ml of brandy, and spring water like Avian.


Bach remedies during labor can be added to your water bottle. Add 10 drops of rescue remedy to your water (500 ml) to sip throughout the labor.

Selecting Bach Remedies During Childbirth

You can also add the following individual Bach Remedies if needed:


If you fear something bad might happen or you are fearful of the unknown.


If you lose confidence in your ability to give birth naturally.


This remedy is indicated during life's transitions. It helps the laboring woman adjust to the change of the contractions and the intensity of the pain, but also it helps adjust to motherhood.


If you feel discouraged about how things are going during labor.


If you feel exhausted. This remedy is very useful during and after a prolonged labor or if your labor goes into the night or early morning hours.


If you are fearful of the doctor checking your progress, if you are fear of needles, medical procedures, being at the hospital, or anything you know that frightens you. Women needing this remedy are usually shy and fearful of new things in general.

Crab Apple

This remedy is great when the mother feels squeamish about the process of giving birth. It she feels it is messy or if she needs mental and physical cleaning. It will also take away any feeling of shame that she may have about her body.


This remedy is for those cases when the mother becomes so attached to the pregnancy that she cannot let go of the baby. It also helps a clingy and demanding baby. Those needing chicory demand constant attention and cannot let go of this need.

Bach Flower Remedies can be taken by mother and father or anyone who is attending the birth and finds having these mental and emotional difficulties.

You can prepare your remedy mixture in advance by putting nor more them six remedies into your water bottle and then sip through your labor.

How To Prepare a Bach Flower Treatment Bottle For Labor

In  a amber glass bottle  of 30 ml add two drops each of the 6 Bach remedies for labor you have selected, put  4 drops if you chose rescue remedy.
Add 1 ml of Brandy
Top up the bottle with spring mountain water like Avian.


4 drops of Rescue Remedy
2 drops of Aspen
2 drops of Larch
2 drops of Gentian
2 drops of Walnut
2 drops of Olive
1ml of Brandy
Avian water

Shake well and store in a dry place away from sunlight, heat and electromagnetic devices like TVs, cell phones, computers, fridges, etc. 

"During the centuries since the beginning of humanity, every woman has given birth naturally with the help of wise women who did it before her. Natural remedies were given to the laboring woman during natural childbirth. When your turn comes be brave, calmed and trust the natural birthing process"

Simply place 4 drops under your tongue at each contraction or when you feel the need. You can put 10 drops of the treatment bottle in your water bottle and sip during labor.

Also, I find it very useful to take Bach Rescue Remedy before a doctor's appointment or any prenatal testing you have to do. This great remedy will help you stay calm, and relaxed. It is very safe for your baby, too!

I took rescue remedy before the midwife had to check the baby's hearth beat and the baby was always very calmed and relaxed, never had to struggle to find the best hearing spot.

Baby do not like the ultrasound waves emitted by heart monitors and they tend to turn around in fear. Rescue Remedy, taken by mom, can help both get through it with ease.

Many Blessings!

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