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Benefits Of Yoga In Pregnancy

The benefits of yoga in pregnancy are many because yoga is highly therapeutic and may help diminish the discomforts of ailments associated with pregnancy like anemia, anxiety, back pain, constipation, depression, diabetes, headaches, heartburn, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, sciatica, skin problems, stress, insomnia, thyroid problems, urinary tract and vaginal infections.

Yoga is one of the most beneficial exercise for pregnant women. 

Learn Proper Breathing With Your Yoga Practice

The benefits of yoga in pregnancy are due to the fact that yoga uses a holistic approach to health and fitness. Yoga teaches you how to keep fit and healthy in mind, body and spirit. This is done through proper breathing and relaxation techniques.

Knowing how to breathe properly during childbirth is important for helping you during this process. The sooner you start yoga during pregnancy, the sooner you learn the correct way to breathe during labor.

The longer you train yourself to the correct yoga breathing rhythm, the easier your birthing experience.

Yoga Works As A Pre-Program For Labor

Practicing yoga poses during pregnancy works as a sort of pre-programming for labor. The moment your body goes naturally into labor, you will know exactly how to breathe and how to focus on the breath.

Yoga works so well in preparation of birthing because it helps you breathe in a certain way that supports contractions during labor.

When you use the proper breathing technique and the proper relaxation pose during labor, you will feel less pain and your labor will advance much quickly.

Here is a List of The Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy:

1. Balances your hormones.

2. Lessens morning sickness.

3. Improves constipation.

3. Prevents gestational diabetes.

4. Releases stress and enhances the ability to relax.

5. Boosts physical strength, stamina and flexibility.

6. Increases concentration and self control.

7. Intensifies tolerance to pain.

8. Boosts the immune system, preventing to get sick while pregnant.

9. Improves blood circulation.

10. Releases toxins.

11. Improves overall organ functioning.

12. Helps establish a more positive outlook to life.

13. Gives a sense of balance and internal harmony, preventing mood swings.

14. Helps develop better posture during pregnancy.

15. Tones up the leg muscles, strengthens the knees, ankles and thighs.

16. Alleviates symptoms of sciatica, typical of pregnancy due to the pressure of the baby

Yoga Meditation and Relaxation During Pregnancy

Among all the benefits of yoga in pregnancy, relaxation is the most important one. When you feel relaxed, your body feels at ease and so does your baby in your belly.

Numerous studies have shown how babies feel all the tension, stress and anxiety of their mother during pregnancy. Yoga helps you relax in a very easy and natural way.

Meditation, which is part of yoga, is helpful for development of a favorable attitude that helps you cope with the changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

The relaxation breathing exercises help deliver more oxygen to the baby in your womb. When you relax and meditate, you let go of all worries of your current situation and allow new beginnings to enter your life.

Preparing for Labor with Yoga

Every pregnant woman desires a pain-free delivery. Most women experience fear of labor which further increases problems.

There is no doubt that a natural childbirth will involve some kind of pain, but the problem is not the pain; the problem is how you handle the pain of the contractions during labor.

Yoga is the best thing you can do during pregnancy to get ready for an easy labor.

Natural Childbirth and Yoga

Practicing yoga during pregnancy increases the chances of giving birth naturally unmedicated and in a relatively short time. Among all the benefits of yoga in pregnancy, this is the most important one.

By practicing yoga daily, you help your body to become more flexible, more relaxed and more confident. Yoga in pregnancy helps you gently tone your birthing muscles. This is done through the repetitive breathing with each yoga pose.

Decrease Pain During Birthing with Yoga

The breathing exercises performed during yoga strengthen your muscles and prepare your body to cope with labor pain. I recommend using a yoga ball during labor. 

When the pressure of a contraction becomes really tense, sitting on the ball can really help.

The rhythmic breathing of yoga helps you deal with each contraction and will experience less pain. Yoga empowers you and you fell capable of dealing with the birthing process, rather than feel scared and helpless.

Optimal Baby Positioning Using Yoga

If your baby is not head down or is sunny side up, you can help your baby get into a better position with yoga.

My third baby was sideways, so the midwife told me to stay on all fours and then relax in child pose.

I did this easy exercise for less than a week as often as possible during the day and one day I felt the baby move. At my next appointment the baby was head down ready to come. This was week 37 of my pregnancy.

Another very easy pose you can do if your baby is not positioned well, is the  cat and caw pose. This pose is good for proper circulation and digestion and it also minimizes pressure on the lower back.

The most benefit of this pose is the favorable movement of baby in the womb. So, if the baby gets in the wrong positioning before delivery, yoga poses can help bring the baby into the correct positioning, avoiding C-section or the use of forceps.

Decrease Back Pain During Pregnancy with Yoga

Pregnancy and back pain go hand in hand, especially during the third trimester. If you are pregnant and suffer from back pain do yoga! The benefits of yoga in pregnancy are mostly for back pain. Yoga helps ease lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain and shoulder pain.

This is very important because back pain during pregnancy can bring long lasting issues after delivery. During your yoga training you will learn many poses that help release stress on your lower back.

Your back is under a lot of stress during pregnancy due to the change in your center of gravity, your growing belly, and the weight you carry on your tummy.

Help Baby Turn  with Yoga  Poses

The benefits of yoga in pregnancy are not only for mom, but also for baby. Many yoga poses help make room for your growing baby. Your baby will be able to develop and grow with more room and oxygen.

Yoga teaches you the correct position you should assume while pregnant in order to allow the most room for your baby. If your baby has less room, he or she may not turn head down before delivery or she may prefer a transverse position, which requires C-section if not resolved before birth.

Less Stress for Mom with Yoga

Yoga teaches you how to reach deep relaxation in order to release the excess stress you accumulate during your day. If you work full time, you may need some time to slow down and re-energize.

Constant prolonged stress during pregnancy can have negative effects on you and on your baby. Yoga helps you break that circle of stress and helps you be more relaxed.

Less Leg Cramps

Many women develop leg cramps, especially during the last few months of pregnancy. They can be eased by doing regular yoga exercise and by taking more calcium and magnesium supplements.

Stronger Immune System

Among all the yoga benefits, this is the most important because getting sick while pregnant may have health risks of your baby. Yoga helps lower stress hormones which can compromise the immune system. The lymphatic system is strengthened and toxins are released during yoga exercises. You will notice that you get far fewer illnesses when you start to practice yoga on regular basis.

As you can see the benefits of yoga in pregnancy are so many, tha't why many health care practitioners do often recommend yoga to pregnant women because it has been scientifically proven that yoga facilitate a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

How To Get Started With Yoga

I hope you are now convinced that yoga during pregnancy can be beneficial to you. If you want to begin a yoga program, I would recommend finding a pregnancy yoga class near you and follow the class at least once a week.

This is a great way to meet other pregnant moms and have fun in a nurturing environment.

Pregnancy yoga to be effective needs to be practiced every day, especially during your second and third trimester. I would recommend doing yoga at home using a good prenatal yoga DVD. I recommend Healthy Mom, Happy Baby to gain all the benefits of yoga in pregnancy.

This Prenatal Yoga DVD was designed specifically for Moms-To-Be at every stage of their pregnancy. As you practice yoga with this DVD, certified yoga instructor and neurophysiologoist, Ann Davis, takes you through the poses you need to learn in pregnancy and for childbirth.

Note: before starting any exercise program during pregnancy, consult with your doctor or midwife first.

Many Blessings!

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