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Bilateral Polycytic Ovary and Natural Conception

by by Shweta
((Lucknow) )

I was diagnosed having bilateral polycystic ovary three years ago and my dr.gave me YASMEEN-Contraceptive pills and folic acid to be continued for 4 cycles. Now the cysts are recovered and I want to know if these medicines I have taken in the last four cycles are going to cause a problem in my conceiving attempt.

My dr did my FSH test in which everything else was normal but FSH was 11.7 then is gave me foliculin 225 injections for 7 days and after that injection for rupturing she was planning to do my IUI but when I came to know about the same I didn't turned out for the same because me and my husband handn't try for the baby even once we want the process of conceiving to be natural.

Thanks so much!


Hi Shweta,

After treatment of synthetic hormones, it is always a good idea to follow a good fertility cleanse that has been designed specifically for those wanting to have a baby.
Read my article on fertility cleanse for more information on using a fertility cleanse kit.

What a cleanse will do is to assist the body to eliminate excess hormones and toxins that can affect your ability to ovulate naturally and prepare the uterus for healthy embryo implantation.

If your husband has not sperm issues and your tubes are clear and you do not produce anti-sperm antibodies, I do not see why you and your husband should not try to conceive naturally first before going through IUI. And even if you had the above conditions, there are a lot of things you can still do naturally to cure and increase your fertility.

You and your husband will both greately benefit from taking Maca daily. The recommended dose is 1500 mg twice a day. Maca supports both male and female fertility.

Learn more about Maca here.

Since you have been experiencing polycystic ovaries, after the cleanse there are important things you can do to maintain your ovaries healthy.

For example follow a PCOS diet, high in fiber, fruits and vegetables and low in refined sugars. Also avoid dairy product and red meat. You can have white meat as long as it is hormone and antibiotic free.

You should also reduce or eliminate gluten from your diet and introduce essential fatty acids and omega 3.

The major step in controlling PCOS is tu maintain hormonal balance. If you are ready to conceive naturally, I would consider a natural approach that includes herbal remedies for hormnal health. I would recommend the HormoneWise Fertility Kit.

It contains herbs and supplements that supports the body in maintaining a hormonal balance related to the formation of ovarian cysts and PCOS condition.

For best results use this program in conjunction with eating a PCOS Diet and practicing fertility massage during the monthly cycle.

Fertility Blessings!

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Self Fertility Massage Therapy DVD
by: Sandra

Hi Maria,

Can you tell me if self-fertility massage is good for me. I have read your article and I want to get the DVD. I have polycystic ovarian disease and I ovulate late (around day 20) since I have started charting my cycle I know also that my bbt does not rise sharply. Can self-fertility massage help me be more regular and can I use it while ttc?

Sandra P.


Hi Sandra,

Self-fertility massage is very beneficial for women who suffer from PCOS. If you are trying to conceive do not practice self fertility massage after ovulation.

To help make your cycle more regular natural health can help, it is important to maintain hormonal balance. If you ovulate late, doing self fertility massage will help increase circulation to the ovaries. When the ovarian tissue is well nourished, the ovaries will produce healthier eggs. Your diet is also very important.

I recommend reading more about the PCOS Diet.

Delayed ovulation may be due to stress, poor diet, lack of nutrients and possibly hormonal imbalance.

There are many natural approaches to balance the hormones. If your follicle are not developing well, I would recommend talking to a homeopath about the remedy Folliculinum 200CH. This remedy is taken on day 10th of the menstrual cycle to support follicle development.

If the hormones are not balanced due to high FSH, high testosterone, low progesterone and insulin resistance, the Harmonize Phase 1 & 2 is an excellent hormone balancer formula. This formula consists of well selected herbal remedies to support hormonal balance for women who have irregular menses, delayed ovulation, amenorrhea, short luteal phase, high testosterone, and insulin resistance PCOS.

All the best!

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