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Blockage Of Semen Outflow

by Barbara
(Toronto, Ontario)

My friend has been trying to conceive for 10 years now. After fertility testing, the doctor has told them that the main issue is the man's tubes where the sperm comes out is blocked and the woman has fibroids, irregular periods, bloating etc. The only option they were given is IVF.

Do you have any other suggestions that can help them? They don't really want to do IVF?


Hi Barbara,

This type of condition causes very low sperm or azoospermia (nil sperm). Many times the production of sperm in testis is absolutely normal but the sperm are simply unable to come out due to obstruction in the out flow tract leading to absent sperms in the semen.

Depending on the cause of this blockage there can be some hope with homeopathic medicine and acupuncture, but there are no guarantees because it really depends on each case individual situation.

The various causes of obstruction can be:

1. Absent vas deferens or absent seminal vesicle. This cases cannot be cured.

2. Post surgical ligation of vas deferens (vasectomy reversal) leaving scars. This cases may have some hope.

3. Post Infections. These cases have a favorable prognosis with homeopathy, but the time required can be of several months.

4. Fluid build up and toxicity. This cases respond well to homeopathy, and detox.

If the woman has fertility issues like fibroids, irregular periods and hormonal imbalance homeopathy can help her as well, but it will take a number of months. She will also benefit from Castor oil therapy and self fertility massage.

Both partners might required a fertility cleanse to help eliminate toxins that are often at the root cause of infertility.

When both partner have serious fertility issues, IVF is always recommended, but the problem is that it may not work as well for them since they have very low fertility to begin with.

I would recommend trying homeopathic medicine for at least 6 months witha qualified homeopath that can work with them on a regular bases.

If the situation does not improve then IVF can be the only option, but by this time their chances of success will be increased because homeopathic medicine helps increase egg quality and prepares the uterus for healthy implantation increasing the changes of a successful IVF cycle.

Many Blessings!

Comments for Blockage Of Semen Outflow

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What cause semen flow to stop?
by: Anonymous

Am I missing something or maybe don't quite understand the answer to my question. WHAT CAUSE THE SEMEN TO STOP FLOWING? Until recently, my ecajulations were normal. Now I get the sensation of an an ejaculation during intercourse but nothing comes out! It's true I guess that a man can really shot "blanks". But what causes this to happen. I am really concerned and what should I do to correct the problem if anything?

Retrograde Ejaculation or Dry Orgasm
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

If the semen or seminal fluid does not come out, it is a problems retrograde ejaculation or dry orgasm. It still give a nil sperm result as far as fertility is concerned.

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition where the bladder's opening does not close properly during ejaculation, so semen sperm fluid flows into the bladder.

This causes to have a different sensation during ejaculation. This can happen sporadically in men who do not have any serious problems, but it is a cause of infertility. In most cases, it is a condition related to diabetes or prostate surgery side effect, but not necessarily.

The best way to know for sure it is to consult with a urologist, which will perform a urine test after ejaculation in order to determine if this is the case. Cloudy urine after ejaculation, may indicate that the semen has entered the bladder.

Other possible causes are:

1. Medications
2. Neurological causes, but these are associated with other neurological symptoms.
3. Stress

Fertility Blessings!

Lack of Semen flow
by: Anonymous

A follow up question about the absence of semen flow. You say that certain medications are a possible culprit. What type of medications do you refer to? I am on several medications. Depression, high blood pressure and yes, I am under a lot of stress due to an accident that took my leg. I work with chronic pain in my knee. I also take pain pills to relieve some of the pain. I also read where the condition of lack of semen flow is sporadic. Does this mean that I will have some relief of this condition later and shouldn't worry about it too much. I am in my late 50's. Does age also effect it?

Retrograde Ejaculation Causes By Medications
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

I think that in this case medications are more of a factor than age.

The medical drugs that are known to cause retrograde ejaculation include medications for mood disorders (antidepressant) and high blood pressure some prostate conditions.

Not all antidepressant cause retrograde ejaculation. In fact, tricyclic antidepressant are used to treat this condition. It would be a good a idea to talk to your doctor to see if indeed the drugs you are taking can be causing this problem and if they can be substituted with something else.

If it is a drug related issue, it will most likely go away after you terminate your drug treatment.

Many Health Blessings!

Blockage of semen flow
by: Anonymous

I what to say thank you for the information that was provided me using this site. You have been a great source of information! And yes, I will be discussing this condition with my doctor. Thank you again.

blockage problem
by: Anonymous

my husband is having the blockage problem as told by doctor due to which sperms cannot come out. We have not taken any treatment yet. but is it possible without any treatment the sperms come out in ejaculation.


It is best to consult with your doctor to understand what the cause and nature of this blockage seems to be.

Many Blessings!

can an obstruction in sigmoid colrn affect seminal tubes?
by: Anonymous

I used to make a lot of semen have anal hpv was wondering if this can affect things? Also under a lot of mental stress.


Mental stress and hormonal balance are common causes of decreased sperm production.
Talk to your doctor to get more support.

Ikawe for men is often a natural herbal remedy that can support the body in sperm production naturally.

All The Best!

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