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Blocked Tubes and UTI

Both my tubes are blocked how can I find out what the cause is or how the became blocked.

I do get lots of U T I - urinary track infections and also yest infections, would that be the problem?


To know the cause of your blocked fallopian tubes you need to talk to a gynecologist and have a complete examination and possibly testing done in order to know the answer.

In general, the fallopian tubes become blocked as a result of scarring formations and debris build up due to adhesions, infections, pelvic inflammatory diseases, and endometriosis.

One cause of blocked tubes is a Chlamydia infection. This microorganism can be present and be asymptomatic. Talk to your doctor about testing for it.

In some cases, when the tubes are blocked, fluid builds up inside of it. This fluid tends to be contain toxins. If this fluids backs up into the uterus, it can prevent embryo implantation and development.

There are natural ways that help women unblocked fallopian tubes.

Also, if you experience recurrent UTI and have yeast, you need to clear this problem before getting pregnant.

In this case, supplementing with lactobacillus acidophilus and cranberry extract can support your urinary tract and counter balance the overgrowth of Candida.

Your diet is very important and also your level of stress. Make sure to eliminate process foods especially sugars and white bread.

All The Best!

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Acupuncure to Blocked Tubes
by: Anonymous

Can acupuncture help unblocked the fallopian tubes or is it better massage therapy.




Hi July,

Yes, bith massage and acupuncture can help unblock the fallopian tubes. Massage helps clear adhesions and bring blood flow to the tubes to helps cleanse and tissue regeneration.

Acupuncture is used to stimulate Chi energy to flow through the reproductive organs helping releasing old stagnant Chi that can be causing blockages to the tubes and to reproduction in general.

If you are going to have these therapies, make sure to look for someone who specialized in infertility.

Many Blessings!

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