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Bromocriptine And No Pregnancy

by Tracy James
(owerri/ imo state/ nigeria)

I am 30 yrs and been married for 3yrs without any baby. My breast have been leaking fluid since 7yrs. I have been taking bromocriptine 1.5mg twice daily for a 1yr and no pregnancy.

Since I was born I have never been pregnant nor taking any contraceptive, rather I tried without luck to get pregnant for a boyfriend.

I had an ultrasound and histosapingogram and doctor said all is fine and my tubes are patent and pliable, but I have a few fibroid of 25mm by 48mm(largest). My husband is a lecturer with active and motiIe sperm of high sperm count. We live in owerri imo state and lecture in university.


Hi Tracey,

Pituitary problems affect your ability to ovulate.

Bromocriptine medications lowers high levels of prolactin that causes your breast to leak milk-like fluid. This is often related to having a pituitary dysfunction or begin pituitary tumour. Make sure to talk to your doctor as this situation needs to be constantly monitored.

What you need to know is if you are ovulating and if this medication is helping you. The best way to know is my doing fertility charting.

To get started, download my FREE Guide to Fertility Charting And Natural Conception. This guide will teach you how to detect your most fertile time in order to maximize your chances of conception.

Fertility Blessings!

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Seedling fibroid, High Prolactin and Fertility
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm 30yrs and I have high prolactin, seedling fibroid and uterine bleeding. Never being pregnant in my life, I’ve been having irregular menses since I started menstruating and I’ve been on brimocripton (bromergon) and no changes.
What can I do please?


Seedling fibroids are usually small and if treated promptly with natural remedies can resolve themselves quickly. One of the major causes of developing fibroids is the imbalance of the hormones progesterone and estrogen in the body. This is often due to imbalance at the levels of the pituitary gland where other hormones like LH, FSH and are also produced. Fibroids contain more estrogen than progesterone receptors when compared to the other cells of the uterine muscles. This results in higher than normal levels of estrogen in women with fibroids. When estrogen levels are high, progesterone decreases and ovulation is often compromised.

One of the most commonly used herbal remedies to treat this type of imbalance is Vitex agnus castus. Vitex is known to work at the levels of the pituitary gland and stimulate the production of LH hormone, which in turn support the production of progesterone. That's why Vitex is used to treat low progesterone levels, poor ovulation and short luteal phase. The pituitary gland is also responsible for the production of prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone that is associated with lactation, but in some women for unknown reasons, prolactin can increase even when non breastfeeding and cause non ovulatory menstrual cycles with hormonal imbalance, like high estrogen and low progesterone.

Many studies have shown how Vitex can also help decrease high levels of prolactin naturally. Vitex can inhibit the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland. When produced in excessive amounts, prolactin interferes with normal ovulation.

I would recommend learning more about FertileXX that is a fertility herbal formula containing Vitex and MensReduce to help heal your uterus and control the excessive menstrual flow. But, do not take brimocripton (bromergon) and Vitex at the same time. Talk to your doctor first.

Fertility Blessings!

Maria Gioia

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