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Bromocriptine For Irregular Periods

by Mel

I am taking bromocriptine 2.5 mg for high prolactin. When will my period be restored? I am taking 1d aily. Please advice.

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Monitoring Ovulation While On Bromocriptine
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

High prolactin levels suppresses ovulation. Bromocriptine inhibits the release of the hormone prolactin from the pituitary gland, thus allowing ovulation to resume and the menstrual period to become regulated. Prolactin affects the menstrual cycle and milk production as well, in fact some women with high prolactin levels may experience milk leakage from the nipples even if they are not nursing a baby. When prolactin levels are too high a woman cannot ovulate regularly leading to poor fertility and inability to conceive.
The ability of this drug to regulate the menstrual cycle depends on your body response to it and the correct prescription.

Within a few months you should have you period and begin monitoring your ovulation patterns to detect if you are actually ovulating. I recommend using Ovacue Fertility Monitor.

This allows you to detect not only ovulation but pregnancy as well. Talk to your doctor if you think that you might be pregnant. In most cases the drug can be stopped, but it depends on each situation. Communicating to you prescribing physician is very important.

All the best!

Periods with Bromocriptine
by: Melanie

I also using bromocriptine 2.5mg. 2 per day. Apart from nausea and dizzy feeling, my period is very heavy. My doctor is on leave for on whole month. I had the period to for two months when diagnosed and it increased after being on the medication.
Hope somebody can assist me.

Bromocriptine For Irregular Periods
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Hi Melanie,

Please, find a substitute doctor or go to a walk in clinic or hospital for assessment. Having your periods for two months needs medical attention.

This is a drug which is used to treat hyperprolactinemia, which is when a woman does not ovulate due to the fact that the pituitary gland produces high levels of prolactin.

After starting bromocriptine for a week, prolactin levels should be tested to confirm that the dose is effective.

If the levels of prolactin are too high, your doctor will adjust by increasing the dose until the correct dose that regulates your cycle is reached.

Remember that bromocriptine only suppresses an elevated prolactin level while you are taking it, but it does not cure your situation. So, you should be try to conceive while on this drug and as soon as you have a confirmed pregnancy you should stop taking it at once.

Consider that you may not be tolerating this drug and that your doctor may need to prescribe another medication.

I would not wait. Find someone that can help you in person as soon as you can.

Many Blessings!

Bromocriptine For Irregular Periods
by: Melanie

Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for you assistance. I truly appreciate and will definately go to a substitute doctor. My period stopped some 2day ago but the first time during intercourse the bleeding was back and it was little bit painfull.Afterwards no bleeding occurred.I stopped having intercourse but are concerned as to why it happened.

Thank you so much. God Bless!

by: Anonymous

Goodday All, am about to start using Bromocriptine after my Doc confirmed that I was not ovulating. I was surprised because 14 days after menses I ovulated for five days so what was happening then? It is confusing about my menses versus been irregular.


Ovulation happens 10 to 15 days before the last menstrual period and it only lasts for 12 to 24 hours. It is not possible to ovulate for 5 days, but you are most fertile during your a 3 to 5 day period that precedes ovulation. Most women know that they are about to ovulate because they use different methods, like basal body temperature, urine LH sticks, saliva hormone testing, fernining formation, etc.
Which method did you use to detect ovulation? During the fertile window you may also experience high production of fertile mucus. This mucus looks like raw egg white and is very slippery. This mucus lasts for 3 to 5 days, but you ovulate on the day you have your peak mucus.

When your periods are irregular and you ovulate later or not at all, you can still detect LH and increased cervical mucus. The only way to know that you ovulated for sure is your doctor testing your progesterone levels 7 days after ovulation, which is about day 21 if you have a regular 28 days cycle. This test is accurate if you have a regular cycle, so it may need to be repeated for a few months in a raw to detect if there is a real problem. Other tests are also performed like FSH and prolactin levels. When these hormones are high you most likely have not ovulated.
On your own you can check your basal body temperature each day of your cycle and noticing a temperature shift after the egg has been released by the ovary. Or you can use Ovacue with the vaginal sensors. This sensor helps you confirm ovulation because it measures the correlation between electrolytes levels in your vaginal mucus membrane and progesterone production.

Bromocriptine is a drug used to decrease high levels of prolactin, the hormone released by the pituitary gland. When prolactin levels are high, your ovulation is often inhibited. When taking this drug, you can use Ovacue to monitor the effects of the dug on your ovulation while maximizing your conception efforts because Ovacue tells you your most fertile days based on your hormones estrogen and progesterone.
Most women who have irregular cycles also suffer from poor hormone levels. Ovacue can help many women achieve pregnancy.
I hope this helps you solve your problem.
Fertility Blessings!

Period for the month
by: Anonymous

Good day,
I started using bromocriptine last month, when I noticed pain on my breast. I started this medicine after my period, which is on 26 of October 2014 and I saw my period on the 20th of October. Up till date I have not see my period. My question: is it the medicine that make so?


It is quite possible this is the result of the medication you are taking, but I would recommend asking this question to your doctor. He or She is more qualified to answer questions on your health as he or She knows your history and medical records best.

Make sure to chart your cycle using BBT or/and Ovacue and know if and when you are ovulating.

Many Blessings!

delayed period
by: Anonymous

I normally have my period every month, but was tested with high prolactine level so I was recommended bromocriptine having taking 23 tablets but haven't seen my period till date, am 32day on my circle now haven't have sex for over a month. Pls what's the problem.


Go back to your doctor who prescribed you the bromocriptine and ask for more information on why you are not having a period yet. Your doctor will be able to help you.

My advise is to begin charting your cycle, so that you know if you are ovulating. This is a very important step when taking medication like bromocriptine. They goal is for you ovulate while on this drug and get pregnant.

I would recommend Ovacue. This is the most recommended fertility monitor by experts.

many Blessings!

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