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Brown Spotting Before Period

by AMS
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I am suffering from secondary infertility. I am 33 years old...I eat healthy and exercise regularly. I have been getting 3-4 days of brown spotting before my normal period begins. And my regular period usually starts on day 25 or day 26 of my cycle..which makes my luteal phase about 10 days if you don't count the days of brown spotting. I started using natural progesterone, hoping that it would lengthen my luteal phase and stop the brown spotting, but it has not helped. I also take vitex and have been doing self fertility massage and castor oil packs. About a year ago I had laparscopic surgery for mild endometriosis. The very next month after the surgery I got pregnant, but it ended in miscarriage.

I am concerned that the endometriosis has returned and is affecting my fertility. Could this brown spotting be an indication that I'm not ovulating properly? And if so could the endometriosis cause this? Could the endometriosis be back after 1 year even if i avoid xenoestrogens?
Also, if I use progesterone from days 5-26 for 3 months, could this help me to have a better ovulation the following month?


Brown spotting before periods may be caused by many factors, so to know what it’s happening with your body you really need to ask these very valid questions to your doctor. He or she has access to your entire medical history and will be able to answer all your questions.

Here, I can answer your questions just to provide friendly support and natural health education.

Brown spotting before periods can be caused by:

1. Hormonal fluctuations like sudden drop in estrogen
2. Peri-menopause
3. Endometriosis
5. Hypothyroid
6. Pituitary imbalance
7. Low progesterone
8. STDs
9. Cervial problems
10. Pregnancy

When a woman is approaching 35 years of age, it is possible that she experience decreased hormonal balance causing spotting and short luteal
phase. Spotting before periods and shorting of the menstrual cycles may indicate hormonal fluctuations due to stress, poor nutrition, and toxicity. It also indicates that the corpus luteum is breaking down too early and if a woman is trying to conceive, she may be at higher risk of early miscarriage.

If endometriosis is the cause of spotting before periods, there is usually pain and cramping due to hormonal stimulation by estroge of the endometrial tissue. This does not happen in every case, but since you had endometriosis in the past you should feel the difference.

With hormonal fluctuations you will also notice a decrease in blood flow during your periods, while with endometriosis you may notice an increase or a lot of clots and endometrial debris as the uterus tries to cleanse itself.

Brown spotting does not indicate that you are not ovulating properly it indicates that the corpus luteum is breaking down too early if you don’t have at least 10 days of luteal phase.

Endometriosis can come back even if you have avoided xenostrogens for one year, but it is less likely to happen unless your body needs cleansing as toxins may be remaining in the body and cause what in natural health is cause central toxemia.

Some women are prone to this as toxins are constantly re-introduced into the blood circulation and not released properly by the liver or bowels unless a cleanse is followed regularly 1-2 times a year.

Natural progesterone cream taken from day 5-26 should help the body counteract the endometrial stimulation caused by excess estrogen and provide enough progesterone to your body to support the luteal phase.

You will not be ovulating for the time of this protocol but once you stop your ovaries will be able to naturally produce healthy eggs. Dr. Lee recommended progesterone cream for women with poor ovulatory cycles. So, it will help you ovulate better the next month.

Fertility Blessings!

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