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Burping A Baby

7 Ways To Burp a baby and Prevent Colic

Burping a baby is something that comes easy with practice and experience.

Do you know how to burp a baby?

Some babies burp with ease, while others need a lot of help to make even a little burp.

Why is it important to burp a baby?

If your baby has gas and becomes very fussy after a feeding you can bet that he has trapped gas that cannot get out. If the trapped gas stays inside, he may develop craps and colic pains.

How To Burp A Baby

You have probably been shown how to burp a baby by a nurse or midwife, but things seem different when you have to do it all by yourself.

Baby Positioning

I think that how you position your baby is the most important aspect of burping a baby. After that, you need to learn how to gently pat your baby's back.

After burping your baby burps, make sure to keep the baby inclined to prevent gas build up by using an adjustable nursing pillow.

Many babies fall asleep easily on this pillow. A nursing pillow is also useful if your baby has reflux or suffers from frequent regurgitations.

The nursing pillow provides many useful uses. For example, I have used this pillow when my babies had a cough or a cold that is worse by lying down. This pillow supports props them up and helps them breathe better at night. 

There are many different ways to burp a baby. Try to use more than one position if your baby does not burp right away.

Consider waiting a little bit and change to another position. Over time your will learn that your baby is more likely to burp in a special position. Stick with what works for your baby.

1. Burping a Baby on Your Shoulder

1. Burping A Baby On Your Shoulder

With one hand hold your baby upright with her chin on your shoulder.

Gently pat your baby's back, using the other hand. Walking around the room or sitting on a rocking or glider nursing chair helps move the gas trapped in the baby's tummy.

Do not forget to place a nice baby burp cloth over your shoulder to prevent messy cleanups in case your baby spits up.

This technique is especially good for a gassy baby. Do not forget to place a baby burp cloth over your shoulder.

2. Burping A Baby Sitting Up

Sit your baby on your lap and support his chest and head with one hand.

Make sure to place the palm of your hand over his chest for support.

With the other hand, pat gently your baby's back for 15 second, then wait for 15 seconds and repeat until your ear a burp.

This type of technique works great for stubborn bubble gas. 

3. Burping A Baby On Your Lap

Place a pillow on your lap and put a receiving blanket over the pillow to prevent from getting dirty.

Now place your baby over the pillow with his tummy facing down.

Gently pat or massage your baby's back. This is a soothing position for your baby.

If your baby doesn't burp, pick him up and put him on your should. This will do the trick! 

4. Burping A Baby At Night

A fussy baby during the night is often a gassy baby.

If you think your baby has gas, pick him up and burping may be all he needs.

If you feed him during the night, wait a little before putting him down flat on his back to sleep. 

5. Burping A Baby In Between Feedings

If your baby becomes fussy while feeding, he has gas.

You will notice that your baby will start pulling on the nipple and makes strange little noises.

Stop feeling and burp your baby. Burp a fussy baby after each breast or after 60ml of milk.

Switch feeding position if the baby does not seem to be able to burp. 

6. Burping A Baby After Feeding

Always make sure to burp a baby after each feeding. If your baby is 3 months old or younger make sure to keep him in a upright position after feeding.

Put him in a baby swing or a infant seat propped up.

Give him some time to burp and bring up any gas before putting him down for a nap.

Many newborn babies suffer from GERD or gastroesophageal reflux, learning how to burp your baby prevents the milk from coming back up and cause acidity. 

7. How To Burp A Baby On A Yoga Ball

If you have a yoga ball, place your baby on the ball with his tummy facing down on the ball and firmly hold your baby while you slowly make circular motions with the ball.

Another way is for you to sit on the ball holding your baby upright and bounce up and down gently.

This way to burp a baby, works pretty well every time!

Video On How To Burp A Baby

The following video shows how to burp a baby. Burping a baby can be easy, once you see it! Try to notice all the different burping positions and how to correctly hold your baby each time. See how you can switch from one position to the next. 

Burping a baby is all about practice. Remember that your baby will also communicate with you which position he or she prefers. Try to understands what you baby likes.

Tips On How To Burp A Baby

1. Burp your baby as soon as he is done feeding, or in between feeding. If your baby has gulped down a air bubble he will stop feeding. 

2. Burp before switching breasts. Always remember to burp if you switch breasts. This is important to prevent colic.

3. Make sure to have a baby burp cloth nearby.

4. It is OK for babies to spit up during or after burping.

Burping A Baby Video

This video clip is another video the helps you review how to burp a baby.

You will go over similar burping positions to learn how to switch from one to the next if you notice that your baby is not burping yet. Get a feeling of what your baby needs.

Know when to burp your baby, not all babies need to be burped right away. Some like to stay still for a few minutes before trying to burp.

Curing Colic

If your baby has a lot of trapped gas and burping does not relieve his symptoms, he may be suffering from colic. A colicky baby can cause a lot of stress due to the inconsolable crying, irritability, fussiness, etc.

Babies with colic have abdominal distinction and bloating, you can notice  his tummy becoming rigid and his little legs going up and down in the desperate attempt to release gas.

Read the Curing Colic Guide to learn ways to completely cure baby build up gas and effectively treat baby colic naturally. I bought this book in 2008 when it first came out for my baby and I have to say that it was really useful.

Many Blessings!

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