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Calculating Ovulation

Calculating ovulation can be easy if you know the following:

1. Your last menstrual period date (LMP)

2. The length of your luteal phase, which is the number of days after ovulation until your period comes.

3. The average length of your cycle.

Use this Fertility Days calculator to calculate your ovulation.

In order to calculate ovulation properly you need to do some work and chart your cycle. Make sure to record the average length of your cycle, which is usually anywhere between 21 to 45 days long and the last day of your menstrual period.

The fertility days calculator will show you which days you are more likely to be your ovulation day during the next cycle. These dates are just an approximation.

You need to be aware of your body physical signs of ovulation in order to be able to better determine your ovulation period. Also, consider that stress, weather changes, alcohol consumption, use of medication may affect when you ovulate and the length of your cycle.

The fertility days calculator determines your possible ovulation days based on the assumptions that your menstrual cycles are fairly regular.

If your menstrual cycles are not regular, you can still use the fertility days calculator, but the accuracy level will be a bit lower.

To help you in this case, use Ovacue fertility monitor. Tracking your fertility through fertility monitoring is a tool you can use in conjunction of using the fertility days calculator.

If you are using Ovacue, simply by placing a sensor on your tongue for five seconds each morning you will record your fertile status for the day. Ovacue tracks the readings and stores then in its memory and indicates your most fertile days in an easy-to-read, color-coded ovulation calendar. It is really fast and easy!

Ovulation Period: How Long Does It Last?

The ovulation period will last for 12-24 hours. In order to get pregnant, it is important to have made love before ovulation because sperm lives up to 3-5 days and it will be ready when the egg is released by the ovary during ovulation.

Having sex one or two days before ovulation will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Having sex the day of ovulation may be too late!

How Do You Calculate Your First Day of Menses?

The first day of your menstrual cycle (day 1) is the day that you have a flow of bright red blood.

If you have spotting before your period starts to flow, you should start calculating the first day of your cycle on that day, not on the days of the spotting.

If you are unsure when your period really starts because you experience spotting, using an ovulation monitor, like Ovacue, will help you better identify the ovulation date.

Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant!

Knowing your ovulation period during each cycle is very important in planning love making to achieve conception.

Unfortunately cycle variations makes it difficult each month to predict ovulation by only using a fertility days calculator like the one above.

This is because each woman is different and has her own unique ovulation pattern.

During my first month of using the OvaCue Fertility Monitor, I realized that I had been miscalculating my fertile days for over 6 months. I could have conceived a lot sooner!

The Science Behind Ovacue Fertility Monitor

Ovacue Fertility Monitor predicts ovulation using the Electrolytes in your saliva that correlated with estrogen levels. This fertility method has been demonstrated to be 98.3% accurate in predicting ovulation in clinical studies overseen by the National Institute of Health.

Throughout your monthly cycle, your body has varying amounts of minerals, such as sodium and potassium (electrolytes). Ovacue tracks the changes in these electrolyte levels in your saliva over time and processes this information to precisely define your time of peak fertility.

Estrogen Production and Follicle Development

After your period a number of follicles begin to grow, as they grow the begin to produce estrogen. About day 7 all of the follicles stop growing except one. This dominant follicles continues to grow and nourish the developing egg inside it.

Around day 12, this dominant follicle release a large amount of estrogen into the blood stream. This stimulates the pituitary gland to release a large amount of luteinizing hormone (LH), also called the "LH surge."

This causes the body to switch to producing progesterone and to release of the egg within the next 24-48 hours. Around day 14, if your cycle is 28 days long. Once the egg is released it will survive for 12-24 hours before degenerating.

Watch this video as it explains the process of ovulation and conception in clear details:

7 Days Before Ovulation

The Ovacue Fertility Monitor detects the estrogen surge 7 days before ovulation. This is why it is so effective in predicting ovulation, giving you plenty of time to plan conception.

Estrogen Versus LH Surge To Predict Ovulation

This is also the reason why Ovacue is more accurate than any urine test, which test the LH surge. As the LH surge is too close to ovulation you have a too narrow window of opportunity and can miss conception.

As you get closer to ovulation, your body begins to produce estrogen, causing a definite change in the electrolytes in the reproductive tract. Estrogen secretion increases and the electrolyte content of the vaginal mucus changes, causing the Ovacue readings to drop.

This is why you can confirm ovulation!  

You can now clearly appreciate why Ovacue can be so accurate. It works with your body chemistry and your body biology bring you clear insights about your unique ovulation time and fertility window a lot more accurately than using a fertility days calculator, which only utilized a mathematical formula based on approximation.

Speed Up Conception Time

If you really want to speed up your conception efforts you need to need to use Ovacue. I love it and I recommend it to everyone and everybody loves it. It is especially useful to those women who have PCOS, irregular cycles, lutel phase defect, and perimenopause.

Consider that your first month is your training month as you become familiar with using Ovacue. Once you know how it works, it will help you get pregnant faster because it detects your estrogen changes based on your unique biology.

Many Fertility Blessings!

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