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Can I Conceive With Stage 4 Endometriosis?

by Ana
(Dundee Florida)

My name is Ana I am 29. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, left tube blocked, and my husband Juan with slow mobile sperm. We have done 3 failed IUI. I had two surgeries and endometriosis keeps coming back. My dr says I have to do IVF to conceive, but before this I have to have surgery again to remove my left tube. Cab I really conceive naturally? How?


Hi Ana,

Of course your doctor knows you case best and must have very good reasons to recommend IVF and the removal of the left fallopian tube. Talk to your doctor and ask all the questions you need before going headed with this.

It is really up to you in what you really want to do. Natural health therapies have a lot to offer to cases like yours, but it takes time and there is no guarantee that they would work. A stage 4 of endometriosis will make implantation really difficult unless you manage to decrease the ammount of scar tissue and adhesions naturally.

The removal of the fallopian tubes due to blockage is something that I would think about twice as once it is out you will decrease your chances of conceiving naturally tremendously.

The fact that the endometriosis keeps coming back after surgical removal could be linked to two factors: low immunity, high estrogen levels due to toxicity. Surgery is clearly not addressing the root cause of the problem in your case.

Toxicity is often the main cause of the removal of the fallopian tubes when blocked as this can spill into the uterus and affect embryo development.

Toxicity and bad estrogen in the diet are also the cause of endometriosis. Toxins also affect male sperm count, motility, volume and shape. Bad estrogen is also the main cause of early male erectile dysfunction a low testosterone levels.

That’s why in natural health it is recommended to follow a fertility cleanse in both partners for at least 2-3 months before natural conception or IVF.

This is something
you and your husband can do easily while making sure to eat healthy and completely avoid xenoestrogens, pesticides and hormones in your food. Also make sure to drink purified water as these chemically unfortunately show up in tap water.

Consider doing the fertility cleanse for women 2-3 months and then follow the Fallopian Wise kit protocol to help unblock your fallopian tube naturally.

This, if it works, will prevent you from going through surgery, increase your chances of conceiving naturally, and will also help decrease endometriosis scar tissue and adhesions. This type of therapy should be followed for a period of 4 months consistently.

Treating endometriosis naturally in preparation for conception is what is more difficult to achieve with a stage 4 endometriosis because time is required, but it can be done. If this is something you want to try before resorting to conventional medicine, I would recommend following the protocol of the EndoWise Remedy Kit. This kit has all the necessary nutrients your body needs to remove scar tissue, decrease bad estrogen that fuel endometriosis and help the body support healthy endometrial lining.

Your chances of conception are not only affected by your endometriosis and blocked tube, but by poor motility in your husband. This additional factor makes things herder but not impossible.

Low sperm motility is due to many factors that can be addressed like diet, toxicity, stress, and nutritional deficiency. It usually takes at minimum of 4-6 months to improve male sperm motility naturally. The deeper the imbalance, the longer the time required.

Recent studies have shown how L-carnitine, antioxidants, and zinc help improve male sperm count and motility. The Male Factor Formula Kit contains all the nutrients a man needs to support healthy sperm quality. This protocol should be followed after doing the male fertility cleanse for at least 2 months.

If you chose to go the natural route first you will increase your chances of conceiving naturally, but also if IVF is necessary you and your husband will have a better chance of success.

Fertility Blessings!

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