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Can I Get Pregnant with Dormant Ovaries at 41

I am 41 yrs old. My monthly cycle has also become irregular. I want to get pregnant with my own eggs. The fertility specialist told me that my ovaries are dormant meaning I cannot get pregnant with my own egg please advise.

Dormant Ovaries and Fertility

Your ovaries are considered dormant when you do not ovulate any longer. Around age 40 many women experience non-ovulatory cycles due to the fact that the ovaries cannot be stimulated to produce eggs each month. This condition is often referred to as perimenopause, which is the period before menopause actually occurs and your periods become irregular, your hormones are not properly balanced and ovulation cycles become less and less common. This does not mean that you will not be able to conceive naturally on your own, it means that you are not a good candidate for IVF as the eggs may not respond adequately to hormonal stimulation to release many eggs. This is why if you want to go through in vitro, your doctor will recommend using an egg donor to ensure successful IVF.

After age 40, the ovaries naturally decline their ovarian reserves due to hormonal fluctuations. If you can balance your hormones, you can help your ovaries in making healthy eggs.

It is possible to stimulate regular ovulation cycles naturally through acupuncture, herbal remedies and nutrition. The purpose of natural health is to help the body balance the hormones and stimulate the ovaries in such a way to increase the number of ovulatory cycles. In most cases these types of treatments can be very successful to help you conceive naturally as long as you track your cycle religiously to detect ovulation and have sex at the right time. Your husband also needs to make lots of healthy sperm that is highly motile and high in count.

If you still have a period but your cycles are irregular, your hormones are
probably out of balance and not capable of stimulating ovulation.

This is what having dormant ovaries mean. Having a period does not necessarily tell you that you are ovulating. In fact, it is possible to have anovulatory cycles where you do have a period but the ovaries do not release the egg. You have what is called an anovuatory bleeding, which is typical of perimenopause.

Because your hormones fluctuate from one month to the next, sometimes one of these cycles will be ovulatory and you will be able to conceive only if you are properly tracking your monthly cycle.

If you want to do this, use Ovacue fertility monitor as it is 98% accurate and it can tell you as early as 7 days before ovation when you are most likely going to ovulate. This will ensure that you will not miss your chance.

Supplementing your diet with fertility vitamins will support the ovaries to make healthy eggs. Taking Vitex agnus castus will help re-establish your regular cycles. Vitex stimulates the pituitary gland to support ovulation, decrease high prolactin levels and balance high FSH levels, while increasing progesterone production and increase short luteal phase. It is very effective in women with poor ovulation cycles, irregular periods, perimenopause and infertility due to short luteal phase.

Besides hormonal imbalance, another possible cause of dormant ovaries in women under 45 is increased level of toxicity. Toxicity causes further hormonal imbalance and makes the egg quality very poor and unable to be fertilized. In men, toxicity causes poor sperm quality. If you want to improve the quality of your eggs reducing toxicity in your body is a must.

I would recommend taking fertility vitamins like FertilAid for women, which contains all the vitamins, minerals, and herbs your body needs for healthy cycles in conjunction with FertileDetox to support your liver eliminate harmful toxins that affect your egg quality, ovulation and hormonal balance.

Fertility Blessings!

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