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Can i get pregnant with homeopathy?

I am suffering from PCOS right from the age of 17.I took allopathy medicines in the beginning and as i didn't see any benefit out of it i switched to homeopathy. I discontinued treatment then and then onwards i am toggling between Allopathy and Homeopathy. While taking Homeopathy medicines my problem of PCOS got cured completely and i conceived, but that is before marriage and unfortunately I am not able to keep the child.

Out of great sorrow, I had surgical abortion.I got married 6 months back and again my PCOS problem started. I took a blood sample test and I came to know that i am not ovulating because of high FSH.

Currently I am taking homeopathy medicines and my periods are getting regular(cycle came around 31 days), but I am having spotting in the day1 and only after day3 I am getting the regular flow. My homeopathic practitioner prescribed me a liquid medicine to be taken on the day1 for the flow to come normal. Does it mean that I am not ovulating properly? My doubt is that whether the surgical abortion which I had will have any effects that affect my pregnancy?

It will be great if you clarify my doubts.


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Spotting Before Periods and PCOS
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

I do not believe that your previous history of surgical abortion is causing any physical effect to your ability to get pregnant now. Many women though may feel guilty for their past choice and feel emotionally sad. If this is your case, talk to your homeopathic practitioner and ask for a remedy either homeopathic of Bach Flower like Star of Bethlehem to help heal the past mental trauma you went through as a result.

As far as your cycle is concerned, if on day one of your cycle you have spotting, this is technically not day one it is still part of you previous cycle. Day one starts when you have continuous blood flow and no spotting.

Spotting before having your period means that the corpus luteum is breaking down too early as a result of low progesterone, which is often associated with PCOS. Since it is only a few days it is really not a huge deal.

Spotting before menses is usually considered normal if follows at least 10 days of high temperatures after ovulation without spotting. This is why it is very important to chart your cycle while trying to conceive and understand it. It is vital to have a least 10 days of high temperatures after ovulation with no spotting to ensure healthy embryo implantation and avoid insufficient luteal phase.

If the spotting lasts longer than a few days, you should see your doctor to rule out a number of conditions like fibroids, thyroid issues, endometriosis, or polyps.

If the spotting is brown it also indicates that your blood needs to be tonified and quickening. It needs more oxygen. This can be accomplished by doing fertility yoga, fertility massage and applying Castor oil Packs (after menstruation and before ovulation). Increasing circulation to the pelvic area is very important in cases of PCOS.

Since your period is becoming more regular I am pretty sure the homeopathic remedy you are taking is helping, so continue with the recommendations of your homeopathic practitioner.

Fertility Blessing,

Maria Gioia Atzori,
BSc Hons, MS, DSHomMed Hons, DWH Hom
Fertility Coach and Homeopathic Practitioner

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