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Can I Get Pregnant With IVF

by Fozia Parveen

I am a 31 year old female and my partner is also 31. We have been pregnant 3 times in 3 years but it was always an ectopic pregnancy. 1st in left tube, which was treated with methotrexate and the 2nd time in left tube again and lost the tube. This year in right tube and lost the tube.

I have no other fertility problems I have had 2 abortions in my early 20's which I had to get done because I came from strict Muslim family. I remember my second abortion I took one tablet to stop the pregnancy from developing and two days later I went back for the 2nd tablet to induce an abortion, but before that I had a heavy period. I was not checked at the hospital just got told it was over and I didn't need 2nd tablet. 3 months later I got pregnant again and from that time on (since 2009) I had my ectopic. Now I have lost my tubes and I am so scared I won't be able to get pregnant again.

My obgyn physician did say they couldn't find anything wrong with my uterus or ovaries and that IVF will help me get pregnant.

Please can I have some light on my case from you.

Thank you


Hi Fozia,

You are a good candidate for IVF as you are younger than 35. Since the doctors established that your uterus and ovaries are fine, I don't see any reason why your should not be able to get pregnant with IVF.

I would advise you to take 4 months and prepare for your IVF. This will increase your chances of success and most importantly it will ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The most important aspect of having a successful IVF cycle is
to make sure the quality of your eggs is excellent. You need to make lots of healthy eggs that will be fertilized into healthy embryos. High egg quality also ensures higher embryo survival during implantation and a successful IVF cycle.

STEP 1: Eliminate Toxins

Begin by doing a fertility cleanse to ensure any toxins present in your body are eliminated before getting pregnant. I recommend doing the Fertility Cleanse because it has a dual action by cleansing both the liver and the uterus. Not many women, who are preparing for IVF treatment, know that if the uterus is not cleansed from old stagnant blood and debris, the embryo transfer success rate may decrease.

Cleansing before beginning any fertility treatment is the best way to ensure healthy implantation, embryo survival rate, and prevent miscarriage.

The fertility cleanse should be followed by both partners, as the health of the sperm can also be affected by toxicity. Healthy sperm and egg make healthy babies.

Read my article on the importance to follow a fertility cleanse before getting pregnant.

STEP : Support Healthy Egg Production

After doing at least one month of fertility cleanse, the next step is to follow the IVF preparation protocol for 3 months before starting doing the IVF cycle.

This protocol is designed to help promote the health of your eggs in preparation for IVF or medically assisted conception.

Note: This program should be completed before you begin your medications.

Benefits Of The IVF Preparation Protocol:

1. Supply the body with the nutrients needed to make healthy eggs.

2. Provide antioxidants to protect your eggs from free radical damage and ensure integrity, viability, and survival.

3. Increase ovarian response rate, endometrial receptivity, and pregnancy rates.

You can find all the necessary supplements for this protocol in the IVF Fertility Preparation Kit.

Fertility Blessings!

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