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Can I Get Pregnant With Low Ovarian Reserves?

My partner (42 yrs old) and I (35 years old) have been trying to conceive our first child for about 3 years now. We have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility since we passed the entire test.

It was mention that my ovarian reserve was a bit low but shouldn't be a problem. About 2 years ago we did an IVF cycle which was cancelled due to my system shutting down because of the drugs.

My partner does have psoriasis but not sure if that matters. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Answer :

Unexplained infertility due to low ovarian reserves is often related to:


2.Poor egg quality

3.Poor cervical mucus

4.Poor blood circulation to the reproductive organs

In strongly believe that toxicity is number one as toxins can affect the quality of eggs and sperm and cause hormonal imbalance putting couples at sub-fertility often diagnosed as unexplained.

Having poor cervical mucus is a major factor in been able to conceive. Many women, who ovulate regularly, do not produce healthy fertile cervical mucus around the time of ovulation.

If this is the case, natural supplements like FertileCM will help increase the quality and quantity of cervical mucus.

Also, using Pre-seed during intercourse as a sperm friendly lubricant will make a world of difference.

Natural health has provided couples with unexplained infertility great support to boost fertility and achieve healthy pregnancies.

Step 1

If you want to use a natural approach to increase your fertility, I would recommend following the Fertility Cleanse for a month of two in order to support your body and eliminate harmful toxins that may be affecting the quality of your eggs. Make sure not to try to conceive while doing the fertility cleanse as the toxins released during this protocol may affect a developing embryo if you do get pregnant.

Step 2

After the fertility cleanse, to help your ovaries produce healthy eggs, I would recommend following the Improve Egg Health Kit for a minimum of 3 months. It is Ok to try to conceive while following the Improve Egg Health protocol.

Step 3

After this time, if you
want to continue supporting your ovulation cycles, the best way to do so is by drinking a fertility smoothie each day. The Fertility Smoothie Pack has all the nutrients necessary to make good eggs and maintain overall health while keeping your body energised and ready for pregnancy.

Step 4

Increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs through self-fertility massage is the most effective way to make sure the ovaries receive healthy nutrient and oxygen rich blood.
Pelvic stagnation is the main cause of poor ovulation, painful menses, and PMS. Women with all kinds of fertility issues from PCOS to fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes to endometriosis will benefit from doing self-fertility massage. It is easy to do and to learn with the Self-fertility massage DVD. Massage will also prepare the uterus for pregnancy while strengthening and toning the uterus.

If your husband has no fertility issues and his sperm is fine, he will also benefit from doing a drinking a fertility smoothie daily.

In order to make good eggs and sperm, the body needs:

1. Antioxidants to prevent DNA mutations causing birth defects.

2. Minerals and Vitamins to support egg and sperm production.

3. Fiber to keep blood sugar levels balanced.
Maca to support male and female hormonal system.
Royal jelly to support healthy egg production and support the immune system.

4.Green that contain enzymes and chlorophyll to nourish the blood and cellular nutrition.

5. Proper protein and amino acid intake to support a healthy diet before conception.

Having psoriasis will not affect your husband’s ability to father a baby.

Accouding to reaserch studies, people who suffer from psoriasis may need to support the immune system, detox and increase the intake of omega 3 fatty acids in his diet or through supplementation.

Also, following a fertility detox for men will help improve male fertility and increase sperm quality to facilitate conception.

Detoxing is the best way a couple can prepare for a healthy pregnancy especially if there is a history of poor dietary choices, cigarette smoking, alcohol use, work-related chemical exposure, living in polluted areas, etc.

I hope this answers your question and provides some guidance.

Fertility Blessings!

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