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Can I Get Pregnant with Premature Ovarian Failure?

by Mithra
(Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)


After my hysterolaproscopy my Doctor said I have streak ovaries, and I can't get pregnant naturally.

Only by donor eggs I can get pregnant but I don't want to do because of the family situation.

Do you have any remedies to lower my FSH LH and to stimulate my ovaries.


Hi Mithra,

Streak ovaries are associated with gonadal dysgenesis with non-functional ovaries. They ovarian tissue is not functional and made up mostly of connective tissue.

With non-functional streak ovaries, estrogen levels are low with high levels of FSH and LH. Estrogen and progesterone therapy is usually started at puberty.

IVF with egg donor is the only option for this cases.

It is different from premature ovarian failure. Premature ovarian failure indicated loss of ovarian function before age 40.

I hope this helps you!

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Remedies for Premature Ovarian Failure
by: Anonymous

How can I treat premature ovarian failure naturally? My periods are irregular. Thanks


Depending on your age and the results of your hormonal levels it is possible to stimulate healthy ovulation naturally.

Fertile XX is an excellent herbal remedy that contains the herb Vitex among others. Vitex has shown in clinically to lower FSH and increase LH surge at ovulation, by stimulating the pituitary gland in producing LH hormone. A surge of LH is necessary in order for an egg to be released.

There are many things that a woman with premature ovarian failure can do:

Diet: The fertility diet is based on eating fresh fruits and vegetable that help increase the alkalinity of the body. It is important to avoid eating foods containing hormones and pesticides as these are known to disrupt fertility and affect regular cycles and ovulation in women and men. Xenoestrogen in our environment, food and water are known to decrease fertility.

Exercise: Yoga exercise has been used successfully my women with poor ovarian response and high FSH as Yoga stimulates the blood flow to the ovaries and decreases tress thus helping in achieving natural hormonal balance. Practicing fertility Yoga is very beneficial to ovarian health.

Fertility Massage: doing self fertility massage is one of the easiest way to treating many female conditions that prevent a woman from conceiving. The main goal of doing self-fertility massage is to increase blood flow to the ovaries and uterus releasing scar tissue of endometriosis and promote pituitary function and hormonal balance though special reflexology and acupressure points.

Release Stress: female hormones are related to stress hormones. By decreasing stress levels while trying to conceive, it is possible to balance female hormones and facilitate conception faster.

Supplements: taking special supplements like those containing in the Improve Eggs Kit is one of the best ways to address ovarian response naturally. This Kit is designed to help increase the health of your eggs in preparation for conception. It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fertility superfoods, and nutrients to help create a healthy body, reproductive system, and specifically ovarian and egg health.

I hope this helps you!

Many Blessings!

There is no way
by: Anonymous

There is no way to stimulate streak ovaries to produce eggs as by nature of the dysgenesis, the tissue is not viable for egg formulation. Egg donor is your only recourse.

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