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Can I use Fertile XX along with Loestrin 24 Birth control?


Can I use Fertile XX with Birth control to help vaginal pain during sex, mood, and boost my lacking desire to have sex?

Or will using Fertile XX mess up the birth control? I currently use Loestrin 24 w/iron tablets.

Just a bit of background. I've never had much desire to have sex. There has always been some pain, but it was tolerable.

Since my 1st child, 2009 emergency c-section, my vagina has felt like it can't stretch enough around the opening and has burning during and after sex. Sex is VERY uncomfortable, painful, and I really don't want to do it due to the pain. Any rubbing on the inside burns too. I have tried different lubrication. The 1st urination after sex burns the outer vagina as well. pH issue? Doc said I still have a bit of hymen left that could be an issue.

After baby, I was on a progestrin-only pill for too long. That caused menopause-type symptoms, VERY emotional mood swings, depression, SO MUCH ANGER, and so on. Changed pills in 2010, on the Loestrin 24 for about 7 months now. Mood is getting better, but I still don't feel like myself.

Do I just need a different b-pill? My husband and I do want to have another child soon in 1 or 2 years. But it's kind of hard when sex is so unpleasant.

Thanks for any insight into this matter. Even information on what to ask my doc or what to say.

Thanks Again

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by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Fertile XX does exactly the opposite of what birth control pill does and it may not be effective has the synthetic hormones in the pill will counteract any positive effect of the herbal remedy. Fertile XX tries to stimulate ovulation to regulate the menstrual cycle while the birth control pill suppresses ovulation in order to avoid pregnancy.

I suspect that your symptoms are a side effect of birth control pill and poor hormonal balance. This is not uncommon. The dosage may not be correct for you or you may be sensitive to synthetic hormones.

I would recommend thinking about using natural progesterone cream while on birth control and taking high dosage of Zinc, Folic acid (1,000 mg a day) and vitamin B complex.

Synthetic hormones in birth control medication, inhibit the activity of sex hormones like LH and FSH that regulate the menstrual cycle, Because of this, women taking birth control pills do not secrete their own estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, because they are not ovulating. As a result they experience the feeling of a "pretend chemical pregnancy." Many common symptoms include, mood swings, weight gain, low sex drive, poor vaginal lubrication, headaches, depression, etc. The progesterone cream, when applied on the skin from day 8 until the onset of the menstrual period, can help counter some of the side effects of the synthetic hormones.

Learn more on natural progesterone by visiting Dr. Lee's website. He is the leading authority on natural progesterone.

I would also recommend looking into following a natural family planning program as an alternative to birth control. Many women who are allergic to synthetic hormones follow this program both to avoid and achieve pregnancy with great success.

This also makes sense since you are open to another pregnancy in a few years. Learning more about when you are fertile now to avoid pregnancy will greatly help you to get pregnant later when you want to have another baby.

If you choose this natural alternative, Fertile XX will be more effective in increasing your libido and increasing the quality of your vaginal mucus secretion. You are right to mention pH levels because birth control pill is known to make your mucus more acidic prone to Candida infections and hostile to sperm.

As far as experiencing pain during intercourse, the homeopathic remedy Sepia seems like a good match to your case.

I hope this helps you. Thank you so much for stopping by and if you need any help to not hesitate to ask more questions.

All the best!

Maria Gioia Atzori,
BSc Hons, MS, DSHomMed Hons, DWH Hom
Fertility Coach and Homeopathic Practitioner

Checking in
by: dmersnick

Turns out the vaginal pain is a form of vulvodynia. current road of treatment is to try for 6 months to figure out what might relax those muscles and try to regain some sexual pleasure or what could bring less pain. I do not doubt that my stressful life has caused some of this. I am also a worrier and have been physically ill at times of worrying. I have learned I internalize stress and emotions. I am working on ways to cope such as yoga and stretching and trying to recall the days in childhood when I could just let it all go.

The more I think about this, the more I wonder if it's always been there...

Checking in
by: Anonymous

The vulvodynia has become less painful during intercourse, but it is still there. I do believe this condition has always been there and has answered many questions as to why jeans always felt like they were pinching me and others.
I find that the more stressed I get the more painful the consequences of this condition. the effects can last a few days or weeks after the initial stressful situtation.

This condition is often caused by issues relating to trama or stress. Although I do not have major trama in my childhood, there are situations that may have aggrivated this condition to where it is now.

Childbirth has also seemed to further this condition. Although the weird thing is, that I had an emergency c-section, so the doc is wondering why?

I have a hunch that my 4 years of severe IBS/diarreha played a major part in the onset of the vulvodynia in my current life.

As for when I was a kid, who knows. I was a very anxious child, had nightmares, and often felt very scared, espeically at night. I contribute those strong emotions to my condition.

Any who, my husband and I are currently trying to have a second child, with no avail. I believe stress is a factor and the fact that we are not intimate as much as is needed.

Emotional Stress
by: Maria Gioia Atzori

Thanks for your update. I think that finding ways to relax and release any stress that you accumulate within your body is a great way not only to improve your situation and to be able to conceive again.

If you strongly feel that there is a connection between your condition and your mental and emotional state, I would recommend considering Bach Flower Therapy or Homeopathy and work in partnership with a qualified practitioner. The alternative forms of medicine take in consideration your emotional state as part of addressing the cause of a physical ailments.
More and more studies are now proving how important it is to take into consideration the mind-body connection during healing.

Another technique that is well worth trying is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This one consists of tapping on specific acupressure points your hands and face while saying specific affirmation related to both your mental and physical situation.

I have used it myself and recommended to others within edible results. Initially it feels very strange but it can helps you immensely.

You can find a great book on EFT here.

Fertility Blessings!

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